Panasonic AV-UHS500, a portable 4K Live Switcher for sports and live events

Exhibited at IBC 2019 and scheduled for release in February 2020, the Panasonic 4K Live Switcher AV-UHS500 is a portable solution, ideal for music, sports and live events.

Panasonic AV-UHS500, a portable 4K Live Switcher

Compatible with 12G-SDI and offering nearly all the basic functions of high-end large models, the  AV-UHS500 Live Switcher is capable of 4K video production with the same operability as HD.

Planned for release in February 2020, the AV-UHS500 represents the next step for the various technologies that Panasonic has developed. The company has been, for a long time, highly regarded in the field of compact live switchers for use in a variety of contexts, including broadcast studios, various live staging and sports events, and the new unit, revealed at the International Broadcasting Convention, IBC 2019, takes the concept to a whole new level.

Speaking about the 4K Live Switcher AV-UHS500, Panasonic states that “in addition to providing 4K/3G/HD multi format support, the same number of inputs and outputs as HD can be maintained even when operating in 4K.”

Capable of 4K video production

The 12G-SDI compatible 4K Live Switcher AV-UHS500 has nearly all the basic functions of a high-end large models and is capable of 4K video production with the same operability as HD. Its integrated body is, adds Panasonic, ”incredibly portable, making it ideal for music, sports, entertainment and other live events. In addition to 4K/3G/HD multi format support, installing additional optional units enables expansion to up to 16 SDI inputs to enable smooth operation at events with many cameras.”

Keyers enable a variety of program performance, so the unit has been equipped with five, including a 2ch of chroma-key and 2ch of PinP. The switcher is also equipped with an up/down conversion function, HDR/SDR conversion function and ITU-R BT.2020/BT.709 conversion function. These enable the flexibility to select video output as needed in environments where there are a variety of formats being used. The 4K Live Switcher is easy to use in a variety of applications, such as event staging, broadcast at stations and OB vans, lectures at universities, conference halls and so on, demonstrating incredible performance in live video production on the field.

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