IBC 2019: Panasonic shows camera with world’s first 8K organic sensor

The multi-purpose 8K camera from Panasonic offers high-resolution imagery with a wide dynamic range and true-to-life realism and, adds the company, outstanding versatility.

IBC 2019: Panasonic shows camera system with world’s first 8K organic sensor

Panasonic shows at IBC 2019 the prototype 8K camera system, displayed as a reference exhibit. The date of market release and the price of the 8K camera system are undecided at the present.

The prototype 8K camera system on display at IBC 2019, until September 17, points the direction towards which the industry is moving. The multi-purpose 8K camera is a compact and lightweight box-type camera with a PL lens mount. It is equipped with the world’s first 8K organic CMOS image sensor. This sensor features a laminated structure that uses an organic thin film as a photoelectric conversion layer, thus achieving efficient photoelectric conversion and charge storage. The use of this sensor has, according to Panasonic, “realized a wide dynamic range to cover large contrast differences in high-resolution 8K imagery, a global shutter that prevent skew distortion and flash band, and an electronic ND filter function.” The global shutter operates only when the shutter speed is 1/120 or faster.

The image processing unit connected to the camera unit via optical fiber cable outputs 8K, 4K and HD video signals. Offering 8K video quality higher than before and armed with excellent versatility, this compact and lightweight multi-purpose camera is extremely useful in a wide range of broadcasting and video production applications.

See the world’s first 8K organic sensor at IBC 2019

Panasonic has been developing and introducing various 8K products in Japan, including the AJ-ZS0580 8K Super High-Definition recorder. It continues to develop 4K/8K equipment and systems with advanced and practical performance toward 2020 with the aim of contributing to further development of the broadcasting industry through the improvement of image quality and program production efficiency.

The prototype 8K camera system with an organic sensor is displayed as a reference exhibit in the IBC 2019 (International Broadcasting Convention) held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from September 13. The date of market release and the price of the 8K camera system are undecided at the present.

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