olloclip: new lenses for smartphone videographers now start at $19.99

Compatible with the Multi-Device clip, iPhone X clip, and future iPhone attachment clips, the all-new Pro and Intro Series of lenses from olloclip expand the creative options for smartphone content capturers.

New lenses from olloclip for smartphone videographers

Enthusiast smartphone videographers and photographers have now more choices in terms of lenses to change the field of view on their smartphones, as olloclip introduces the new Pro and Intro Series.

Last August olloclip introduced its Multi-Device Clip, designed to quickly and easily enhance cameras on most smartphones and many other devices. The Multi-Device Clip features an expanding clip design that provides a flush alignment of the camera and lens, and compatibility with screen protectors and smartphone cases up to 12mm in combined thickness.

New lenses from olloclip for smartphone videographers

Now the company expands its lens offerings for mobile photographers, offering more choices for both enthusiast photographers and videographers, but also for a more casual use of the imaging properties of smartphones. In fact, olloclip is targeting beyond its traditional price point, and the new Intro Series caters for those just starting to explore smartphone videography and photography, or anyone on a tight budget.

New lenses from olloclip for smartphone videographers

Taking mobile photography to the highest level

“Historically, olloclip has offered lenses that enhance smartphone cameras at only one price point,” said Todd Williams, global sales director at olloclip. “Now, we’re excited to offer three series of lenses designed to provide a high-quality photograph at various price points that are accessible to everyone. Long requested by our fans, the Pro Series lenses take mobile photography to the highest level ever offered by olloclip. Also, by expanding our line with a lens and attachment clip starting at less than the original olloclip lens system, more people can explore the world of smartphone photography with the same quality customers have come to expect from olloclip.”

The new Pro and Intro Series complete the olloclip Connect X line designed to let smartphone users shoot wider and closer than with the built-in camera alone. All  Connect X lenses are compatible with the Multi-Device clip, iPhone X clip, and future iPhone attachment clips. Users should always check compatibility of the Muti-Device clip and the lenses they want to buy – from any of the series, Intro, Essential or Pro – reading all the information available on olloclip’s website.

New lenses from olloclip for smartphone videographers

The new olloclip Intro and Pro series

The new olloclip Pro Series consists of a Super Wide lens and a Telephoto lens. The Pro Super Wide lens provides a wider field of view with the least amount of distortion of any olloclip wide angle lens. The Pro Telephoto lens offers the same two-times magnification as previous telephoto lenses but gathers more light for a brighter photograph. Both lenses are available now with any of olloclip’s lens attachment clips for $119.95, or individually for $99.99 each.

The new Intro lens provides both a Wide Angle and Macro lens in one. With slightly more spherical effect than the Essential Series Super Wide lens, the Intro Wide Angle lens is perfect for selfies, group video chats or just capturing a bigger picture with your smartphone camera. The lens also unscrews to reveal a Macro lens to transform any smartphone into a digital magnifier. Combining quality optics with an affordable price, the Intro Wide Angle lens introduces an enhanced mobile photography experience. The Intro lens is available now with the current line-up of olloclip lens attachment clips for $39.95, or $19.99 individually.

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