New storm-proof bags from miggo

Three new models expand the “agua” storm-proof family of bags from miggo, setting a new standard for adventure photography. The campaign launched on indiegogo.

New storm-proof bags from miggo

The Agua Drone Lander, the Agua Sling and the Agua Versa Backpack are the new products from miggo, promising protection from rain, snow or dust. New bags for your Winter adventures.

One year after the launch of Pictar – the revolutionary iPhone camera grip -, miggo returns to the crowdfunding platform with “agua” – a collection of storm-proof bags. The three new bags announced today – the Versa, Sling and Drone Lander – are designed for holding everyday gear and provide support for DSLR cameras and the popular Mavic and Spark drones.

“This is miggo’s fourth crowdfunding campaign,” said Guy Sprukt, Marketing Manager and miggo co-founder. “The crowdfunding arena is the place where we bring products to life and is also a way for a young brand like ours to gather real feedback from consumers and implement changes before the final product is brought to market. The new bags we’re announcing today are backed by significant R&D offer a completely different approach to carrying photographic gear and drones.”

The new addition to the agua series comprises three bags which are IPX3-standard storm-proof and carefully designed from durable tarpaulin with an impressive and unique matte finish. The bigger bag on the new list is the Agua Versa Backpack, which doubles as a bag for everyday use and as a camera bag, through a removable, modular support to keep your photography gear safe.

New storm-proof bags from miggo

The Versa Backpack is a versatile solution which can be carried in three different ways – backpack, sling and X-position – meaning it adapts to your needs at different moments and situations. Providing fast and easy access to the camera and gear, without the need to place it down, the Agua Versa rigid bottom is made with thermoforming technology for superior impact protection, while the tarpaulin material guarantees protection from the wet ground and any water drops.

Able to carry a a full-format DSLR such as Canon’s EOS 5D Mark IV(or similar), two professional lenses including 70-200 f2.8, and a flash, the backpack also has space for a 14” laptop or iPad and offers two storm-proof outer pockets for personal items, and a small one, hidden, on the side, to keep your smartphone. Inside the backpack there is a compartment to insert a powerbank, which is connected, through cables, to the external dual-port USB connector available on one side of the backpack. It’s an interesting solution for those road warriors always eager to have their power source close by!

New storm-proof bags from miggo

The Versa Backpack is not going to be your bag for very long trips carrying lots of equipment, but for moving fast with just enough gear, through rainy days, with full protection to your equipment, may well be a solution to consider. It’s the one I will try in the next weeks, to write in more detail about, as it interests me as a backpack for Winter days or anything related to water. After all, that’s what its name – “agua” – means.

The crowdfunding campaign at indiegogo, which aims to raise $30,000, has already passed the $10,000 mark with support from less than 100 backers, meaning we can take for granted that the goal will be achieved shortly. After all, the experience miggo has with crowdfunding and the interest their products have earned make it easy to get the support needed to go ahead with this new project, which comprises three bags which are IPX3-standard storm-proof and carefully designed from durable tarpaulin with an impressive and unique matte finish.

New storm-proof bags from miggo

The second bag is an exciting solution for drone carrying, and I write this not having a drone myself. Or at least one that needs such a bag. I almost wish I had, because this bag looks great! Speaking seriously, the agua Drone Lander caters specifically to the needs of those drone operators who are on the move and provides support for Mavic or Spark drones (and similarly sized modes).  The bag’s slim profile allows users to carry it with ease through some of the most challenging environments and toughest terrains.

New storm-proof bags from miggo

Sensitive gear is fully protected using a padded three-layer insert with dedicated space for the drone and all its accessories. The bag also comes with a unique landing mat, doubling as an assembly station. The agua Drone Lander is, as the other bags now announced made from durable tarpaulin with a matte finish that wraps around the padded insert and serves as an additional layer of protection from the elements such as rain, snow, dust or dirt. The agua Drone Lander is equipped with a primary padded strap for carrying in the “sling” position, and a diagonal strap to keep the bag tight against the body for easy long-distance carrying.

The third bag included in this crowdfunding campaign is the agua Sling, which offers a compact design with surprising storage capability that provides photographers with quick access to their equipment. The bag can carry a full-format DSLR camera such as Canon 5D Mark 4 (or similar), three professional lenses including 70-200 f2.8, and a flash.

New storm-proof bags from miggo

The Sling is not much different from the Versa in terms of size, but does not offer the modular insert, meaning it is less versatile, and is, as the name implies, not a backpack but a sling bag. If that’s your choice, a wide, padded strap allows easy carrying and a side opening offers quick and secure access to the inside compartment.  The agua Sling is made from durable tarpaulin with a matte finish and offers a rigid bottom made with thermoforming technology for superior impact protection. It also features a storm-proof front pocket for personal items, an external and convenient charging port for mobile devices and a dedicated laptop pocket.

New storm-proof bags from miggo

This is probably the moment to ask, if you don’t know, what the IPX3 standard means. Well, the official IPX3 standard states this: IPX3 Protected against spraying water: water spraying up to 60º from vertical at 10 liters per minute for 5 minutes at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2. The agua bags from miggo are all tested to conform to the rule. To adhere to this standard,  says miggo, “we perform strict tests at a special ‘wet’ lab, located at the factory which manufactures our bags. In addition, just to be sure, we put the bags through a series of intensive field tests.”

The miggo agua Versa, Sling and Drone Lander bags will retail for $219, $179 and $169 respectively. They are now available for pre-order at discounted Indiegogo pricing of $169, $139 and $129. If all goes according to plan, the bags will be delivered to backers December 15. Right in time for Christmas, if you’re celebrating it, and right in time for Winter adventures, if you’re in the right place.

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