New RED Collective and RED Tech videos

The RED Collective continues to grow. This time with Scott B.S. Choi, known as the man behind the lens of the music video sensation Psy’s “Gangnam Style”.

New RED Collective and RED Tech videos

RED expanded the RED Collective series with a new video, dedicated to Scott B.S. Choi. The company has also launched four new RED TECH videos.

Scott B.S. Choi rocketed onto the global scene as the man behind the lens of the music video sensation Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” Through his collaboration with Psy and other popular Korean music (K-pop) acts, including Rain and BigBang, Choi has played an integral role in the movement known as “Hallyu” – a term used to describe Korean culture’s meteoric rise in worldwide popularity.

The Korean cinematographer known for his work on k-pop music videos takes us behind the scenes for a better understanding of his creation process with a RED camera. Choi uses his RED WEAPON 6K to capture music videos and commercials in Korea.

Now Scott B.S. Choi shares is workflow through a new video at the RED Collective. We’re really talking about a “collective” effort, something you’ll discover while watching the 4-minute video. In this new RED Collective video from RED Digital Cinema, Choi shares the steps he takes to immerse himself in each project and his sources of inspiration throughout the creative process. Watch as Choi talks about his happiest moment on set and how switching to RED cameras changed his perspective on digital image capture.

A note to retain from the video is Scott B.S. Choi comment that “I realized that the most important thing is not what you use to film but how you film”. This said, sit down and enjoy the new video from RED Collective, a well produced voyage through the work and dreams of a cinematographer.

RED Digital Cinema has also launched four new RED TECH videos that expand the series providing overviews of various RED products, features, and best practices. Everything from camera basics to tips-and-tricks to post production know-how and third-party tool integrations. With a total of 12 videos, the last ones on such topics as camera prep and assignable keys, the series is an important source of knowledge for everything RED. Follow the link to the RED TECH series to watch them.

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