New Blackmagic Camera 2.6 Firmware

Blackmagic announces new camera firmware 2.6. The updated firmware is available for download on Blackmagic’s support page here.  
This firmware update adds support for the URSA Viewfinder, which I am excited to announce is now shipping.  Another feature the new 2.6 firmware boasts in the option to display timecode input by tapping on the timecode display. For multi-camera work this is a god-send.
Now, Blackmagic URSA shooters can sync their multi-camera shoots to a single time-code. This can only help an editor during post-production or for music production shooting like live shows, multi- Screen Shot 2015 08 18 at 4.48.01 PM camera music videos, or even a simple two camera sit-down interview. The last features with the new 2.6 firmware update are “performance enhancements and improvements.” 
It’s not July, but we are not six months past July either.  It is my opinion Blackmagic is trying their best to release products as close to the NAB 2015 announced shipping dates. Will anything else begin to ship soon? I have no idea, but I bet we see a trickle of products shipping through out the fall with the URSA Mini 4.6K being one of the last items to ship. At least, that is my not so educated guess.  
Either way, I have an URSA viewfinder on the way and will definitely put it through the paces.  


  • Adds support for the URSA Viewfinder, which is now shipping
  • Adds option to display timecode input by tapping on the timecode display
  • Performance enhancements and improvements. BMD Presser 3

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