New Benro 3XS and 3XS Lite SmartMic Kits for smartphone users

The foldable Benro 3XS and 3XS Lite gimbals and the ultra-compact and lightweight Saramonic SmartMic work together to offer storytellers using smartphones a whole new level of control.

New Benro 3XS or 3XS Lite SmartMic Kits for smartphone users

Combine the Benro 3XS or 3XS Lite Gimbal with the Saramonic SmartMic and your smartphone becomes a content capture rig that allows you to capture high-quality content anywhere you go.

With their folding design, with a  collapsible gimbal arm that allows for easy and compact gimbal storage, the Benro 3XS and 3XS Lite gimbals have revolutionized the way that smartphones were able to be used to create incredible content on the go. Not only that, the long battery life – both will last for 24 hours on a single charge – makes it easier for anyone to capture quality professional content in landscape mode or shake free vertical shots for social media game.

The second element included in the kit is the Saramonic SmartMic, which features a compact directional capsule that lets creators focus on sound in front of the mic, while rejecting sound from behind and on the sides – making it ideal for focused shots. Plus, an integrated swivel enables creators to point it directly at the sound they want to capture. This swivel makes it simple to switch between interview and Vlog style shots.

Key features of the Benro kits

Benro introduced recently the 3XS & 3XS Lite SmartMic Kits, created by combining the ultra-compact and lightweight SmartMic with the folding design of the Benro 3XS and 3XS Lite. The result is a high-quality content capturing rig that you can take with you anywhere you go. The new kits, which allow users to record high-quality audio directly to a smartphone while operating the gimbal, are  take content creator’s storytelling “to a whole new level”, said Jan Lederman, MAC Group President, the company distributing both brands in North America.

New Benro 3XS or 3XS Lite SmartMic Kits for smartphone users

The Benro 3XS & 3XS Lite SmartMic Kits share many characteristics, including:

  • Collapsible Gimbal Arm – The collapsible gimbal arm allows for easy and compact gimbal storage.
  • Long Battery Life – The battery on both will last for 24 hours on a single charge.
  • Audio pass-through – Plug a TRRS microphone into the handle of the 3XS Lite and record high-quality audio directly to your smartphone.
  • Automatic orientation change – Both gimbals will go from horizontal to vertical and vice-versa with the single push of a button. No adjustment or rebalancing needed.
  • Wired charging – Use the included USB-C to either USB-C or Lightning cables that are included to charge your smartphone



No batteries needed for microphone

The Benro 3XS gimbal also supports wireless charging on smartphones that support it. Any of the kits will contribute to bring broadcast-quality sound to mobile devices, as the microphone’s directional design and capsule and swivel design let you grab the sound you need.  Ultra-lightweight and compact, the Saramonic microphone vastly improves the sound quality when shooting video, and for audio recording apps. It’s simple to use, just plug-and-play, as it never requires batteries or charging.

The 3XS Lite kit includes the SmartMic, a 3.5mm TRRS Audio Cable, the USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable and a mini tripod. The 3Xs kit includes the same items and also an USB-C to Lightning Cable and an USB-C to USB-C Cable.  The extra cables allow users to explore the compatibility of the SmartMic with devices that don’t have headphone jacks. The Benro 3XS  and Benro 3XS Lite cost $149.00 and $119.00, respectively.

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