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NAB Show Express comes in April

The 2021 NAB Show in Las Vegas, will take place April 11-14th, but for this April NAB has a last minute surprise: a digital experience named NAB Show Express.


NAB Show Express comes in April

The National Association of Broadcasters confirms it is impossible to hold a rescheduled 2020 NAB Show this year and announces the NAB Show Express scheduled to start next April.

In a letter to the NAB community, Gordon H. Smith, President and CEO of NAB confirmed that “in light of the current circumstances, it is impossible to hold a rescheduled 2020 NAB Show this year” but added that the National Association of Broadcasters “will instead proceed with a two-pronged approach to deliver as much value as possible under these circumstances to our exhibitors, partners, and the broadcast industry as a whole.”

First, we are exploring a number of ways, said Gordon H. Smith, “to bring the industry together online, both in the short and long term. We know from many years of serving the community with face-to-face events, that connectivity is vital to the health and success of the industry. That’s why we are excited to announce NAB Show Express, targeted to launch in April 2020.”

This digital experience – he said – will provide a conduit for our exhibitors to share product information, announcements and demos, as well as deliver educational content from the original selection of programming slated for the live show in Las Vegas, and create opportunities for the community to interact virtually—all of which adds up to something that brings the NAB Show community together in a new way.

NAB Show Express comes in April

Planning the NAB Show 2021

The path forward includes other changes besides the new NAB Show Express, and the President and CEO of NAB added that “Second, we will be enhancing NAB Show New York with new programs, partners, and experiences. We have already had numerous conversations with show partners about expanding their participation, and have heard from numerous exhibitors interested in enhancing their presence at this fall’s show. NAB Show New York represents the best opportunity for companies to announce and showcase their latest innovations and comes at a perfect time for the industry to gather face-to-face to restart, refocus, and reengage as we move forward together.”

NAB will have more to say about these efforts in the coming weeks, he said, adding that “this is a unique and challenging situation, but we are committed to working hard to deliver as much value as possible.”

NAB is also committed to being an active part of the solution to the current crisis in the months ahead. Gordon H. Smith confirmed that “last week we launched a new public service announcement campaign on radio and television that will provide crucial information to keep communities safe. The PSAs are part of a comprehensive Coronavirus Response Toolkit that we have made available online to help broadcasters accurately cover the pandemic and prepare for the threat it poses to their staff, communities, and businesses. We’ll be doing more in the weeks to come to harness the power of our industry as a force for good in these difficult times.”

Meanwhile,  planning for the 2021 NAB Show in Las Vegas, which will take place April 11-14th, has already started, and NAB hopes that “you’ll join us then, as well as this fall.”

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