Movie Edit Pro 2019: new version offers improved speed and new features

MAGIX introduced this month the new version of its NLE Movie Edit Pro 2019, built using new basic technology for improved speed, and with a range of new features and optimizations.

Movie Edit Pro 2019: new version offers improved speed and new features

Designed for budding filmmakers, Movie Edit Pro, from MAGIX, continues to evolve, and the new version offers, says the company, more speed and creative freedom and better support for iPhone.

When launching the 2017 edition of  Movie Edit Pro, MAGIX announced that the software was able to offer a smoother display for up to 4K resolution and video editing that is 5x faster. Customers had asked for 4K support and smoother previews, and they got it. The company said, then, that the software was designed completely to customer feedback as a result of close cooperation between MAGIX developers and Movie Edit Pro users.

Movie Edit Pro 2019: new version offers improved speed and new features

Move forward almost one year, and we’ve a new version coming to the market, this one following the actual tendency of software to refer to the publishing year; in this case we’ve Movie Edit Pro 2019, as MAGIX points to the future, skipping the 2018 that is running to its end. The new version features, again, improved speed, according to the company, allong with a wide range of workflow optimizations and new effects packages.

According to MAGIX, “Movie Edit Pro has been redesigned with powerful new basic technology, so users can work smoothly with even the most complex video productions. In no time at all and no matter it being a short video or larger movie, amazing results are achieved.” The speed increment is possible thanks to full CPU acceleration, allowing users to, continues MAGIX, “quickly create large projects with virtually no boundaries, using high-resolution video footage in up to 4K and with tons of effects. All with seamless, smooth editing and high program stability.” We’re told that completed movies can now be exported at higher speeds – all thanks to the new INTEL GPU hardware acceleration.

Simplified, clear workflows are the rule for Movie Edit Pro 2019, says MAGIX. Movie projects can now easily be made a reality to the finished movie and beyond. With the new flexible track handling, tracks can now be freely sorted, deleted or added. Users can add videos, effects and music with the highest precision to the exact location they need by using the new destination track and save time in the process. The new chapter export feature is also efficient and practical. This can now be used to export individual chapters rather than the entire film project. In addition, using plug-ins and effect dialogs is now simpler than ever. They have been integrated in a more intuitive way and are now much easier to operate.

Movie Edit Pro 2019: new version offers improved speed and new features

“The new Movie Edit Pro makes creating an impressive movie significantly faster and easier”, says Florian Liepold, Product Owner for Movie Edit Pro. “The new version is built using professional technology, meaning that beginners to video editing can also benefit from a seamless workflow that’s lots of fun and easy to operate.”

Movie Edit Pro 2019 includes over 20 brand new titles that can be directly accessed from the built-in Movie Edit Pro Store. These effects are free for Premium version users, thanks to the supplied coupon. Three exclusive effect plug-ins are included in Movie Edit Pro Premium: Legendary travel route animation from Vasco da Gama in the latest 11 HD Essential version, plus high-quality effect transitions by proDAD VitaScene V3 LE and a cinema pack for adding Hollywood color & flair, HitFilm Ignite Color: Cine.

Movie Edit Pro 2019: new version offers improved speed and new features

HEIF image format can now be imported into Movie Edit Pro 2019. Together with HEVC import, the program provides excellent support for the latest generation of iPhones. The whole Movie Edit Pro range comes with a full year of the Update Service for free. This way, users who purchase the software will automatically receive any upcoming updates.

The program is available in the following versions:

  • Movie Edit Pro for $69.99
  • Movie Edit Pro Plus for $99.99
  • Movie Edit Pro Premium for $129.99

There is a trial version of Movie Edit Pro to download and try if you want to find more about the program and check if it’s something you want to integrate in your workflow.

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