Mini PAGlink: smaller batteries for smaller 4K broadcast camcorders

Smaller battery packs are essential for whenever you shoot handheld with the smaller camcorders now available. The intelligent linking of the Mini PAGlink batteries makes them the ideal – small – solution.

Mini PAGlink: smaller batteries for smaller 4K broadcast camcorders

Designed to suit smaller camcorders such as the Panasonic EVA1 and Sony FS5, the new Mini PAGlink system of smaller, lighter, intelligent linking batteries will be showcased at NAB 2019.

The market does offer small and mini batteries designed to work with smaller camcorders and for filmmakers who need to move around handhelding a camera. But the British company PAG, designer and manufacturer of, says the company, “the most technologically advanced camera power systems for the broadcast and digital cinema industries” believes it has something extra to offer: intelligent linking batteries. That’s, in fact, an area the company is best known for: as provider of high-quality, intelligent linking batteries, chargers and accessories, which embody innovative features designed to assist professionals.

The Mini PAGlink that will be showcased at NAB 2019 this year is an example of what the company means by their solution being different from other “mini” format batteries: the Mini PAGlink offers intelligent linking. It enables you to control the capacity and weight of your power source to suit the application. If you are shooting handheld, you can keep it light with just 1 or 2 batteries, giving you 50-100Wh. If your set-up is tripod-mounted and includes multiple accessories, you can use 3 or 4 batteries, giving you 150-200Wh, to provide a longer run-time”.

Mini PAGlink: smaller bateries for smaller 4K broadcast camcorders

Ideal for Panasonic EVA1 and Sony FS5

Designed to address the smaller 4K broadcast camcorder market, Mini PAGlink provides, according to the company,  all the benefits of PAG’s battery linking technology in a more compact format, incorporating the outputs broadcasters need. Mini PAGlink comprises 50Wh Li-Ion battery packs and smaller battery mounts. This system is scaled down to suit smaller camcorders such as the Panasonic EVA1 and Sony FS5, and power them in combination with broadcast accessories.

Mini PAGlink replaces the multitude of incompatible batteries and chargers that are currently required when broadcasters adopt smaller camcorders. The new PAG MPL50 batteries feature 12V and 5V outputs that the camcorders lack, and provide a single power source for the entire set-up. Built into the battery are a fixed D-Tap output and a removable 2A USB, that can be swapped for a Lemo, Hirose or another D-Tap. This allows the power source to be configured with precisely the outputs needed.

Mini PAGlink: smaller bateries for smaller 4K broadcast camcorders

Compatible with full-size mounts

PAG’s patented digital linking technology allows battery capacities to be accessed in combination, to provide an increased current draw from 10A individually, to 12A when linked. This is ideal to power a set-up that includes multiple accessories. A battery can be added or hot-swapped to ensure that you keep powered-up and don’t miss that all-important shot. Sharing the current demand between batteries prolongs overall life and provides a better return on investment.

The 50Wh Mini PAGlink batteries measure 4.35” x 3.35” x 1” and weigh just 12oz. They are compatible with full-sized battery mounts and existing PAGlink chargers, to offer versatility and an economic integration with existing kit.

The Gold Mount Mini PAGlink system will be available mid-2019, and the V-Mount system will follow shortly after. At NAB 2019, PAG will also show its established PAGlink power systems, comprising 94Wh and 150Wh intelligent linking batteries, PowerHubs for camera accessories and ultra-compact chargers, available in Gold Mount and V-Mount formats.

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