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Media Composer 101 – Advanced – Editing Music Videos Part 1

I always find it interesting to see how people teach lessons on “How to edit Documentaries” or in this case “How to edit a Music Videos”, because to be honest, it’s completely subjective, but that’s not the goal of this series of tutorials.  The goal is to give you the foundation to be able to get yourself up and editing your music video as quickly, and as organized as possible.  In lesson one, of our multi-part look at editing music videos, we cover the basics.  First, if you don’t have an actual video to edit, but you want practice for an upcoming project, you might want to consider Editstock.  They provide complete projects for varying types of productions, including Music Videos.  Once you have the footage you’re going to be working with, we cover organization inside and outside of Media Composer, as well as linking to your footage, and transcoding it, so it’s all ready for the edit.  In upcoming lessons, we’ll look at Multicamera editing in Media Composer, as well as compositing/VFX work and even color grading, and the most important thing to keep in mind is that all the work we’re going to do will be done completely within Media Composer. 

I want to give a big thank you to Editstock, for providing me with this awesome “real world” footage to work with.  To keep up to speed when new tutorials are released, follow Kevin on Twitter @kpmcauliffe, send him an e-mail at kevinpmcauliffe@gmail.com, or subscribe to the YouTube Channel to stay up to date on new Media Composer tutorials each week.

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