Maxon acquires Redshift and shows Cinema 4D Release 20 at NAB 2019

Maxon announced, with NAB 2019 as background, that the company has acquired Redshift Rendering Technologies, to deliver customers best-of-breed technology in these GPU-acelerated times.

Maxon acquires Redshift and shows Cinema 4D at NAB 2019

Mix Redshift’s speed and efficiency combined with Cinema 4D’s responsive workflow and you get an idea of what Maxon is preparing for the near future. A “marriage” announced at NAB 2019.

Redshift is a powerful and flexible GPU-accelerated renderer, built to meet the specific demands of contemporary high-end production, something everybody wants to have close by these days. With industry leading performance, Redshift makes the production of high-quality visual effects, animation and motion graphics faster, more economical and more accessible.

Maxon, the developer of professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering solutions, already uses Redshift, has a plugin available for Maxon’s award-winning Cinema 4D, but now the company takes it further, and, through the acquisition of Redshift Rendering Technologies, Inc., brings Redshift’s  cutting-edge rendering technology and expertise to Maxon.

Maxon acquires Redshift and shows Cinema 4D at NAB 2019Integration of Redshift in Cinema 4D

“Rendering can be the most time-consuming and demanding aspect of 3D content creation,” said David McGavran, CEO of Maxon. “Redshift’s speed and efficiency combined with Cinema 4D’s responsive workflow make it a perfect match for our portfolio.”

“We’ve always admired Maxon and the Cinema 4D community, and are thrilled to be a part of it,” said Nicolas Burtnyk, Co-founder and CEO, Redshift Rendering Technologies. “We are looking forward to working closely with Maxon, collaborating on seamless integration of Redshift into Cinema 4D and continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible with production-ready GPU rendering.”

Redshift has made a name for itself as an indispensable rendering solution for respected companies like Technicolor, Digital Domain, Encore Hollywood and Blizzard. Noteworthy projects where Redshift has been employed for VFX and motion graphics include Black Panther, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Rampage, American Gods, Gotham, The Expanse, and more.

Maxon acquires Redshift and shows Cinema 4D at NAB 2019Cinema 4D Release 20 at NAB

Maxon used NAB 2019 to demo  Cinema 4D Release 20. The latest version of the software marks a huge leap in technology with high-end tools and features for VFX and motion graphics artists, including a node-based material system, new volume-based modeling tools, a very powerful CAD import and a major expansion of the MoGraph toolset.

Cited by artists at top production studios worldwide for its intrinsic flexibility for conceptualizing and designing projects, the legendary MoGraph toolset in Cinema 4D was honored earlier this year with a Scientific and Technical Academy Award for its significant impact on filmmaking.

During Maxon’s presence at the NAB Show, super star artists from the motion graphics and visual effects community appear on the Maxon exhibit booth main stage,  sharing techniques, behind the scenes content and valuable insights from real world projects to illustrate the capabilities in Cinema 4D that have inspired the creation of some of today’s most celebrated film, broadcast, multimedia and visualization projects.

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