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MAT-COSMO, a new extra small dolly

Small equipment for big TV or movie moments is the promise of MATT-COSMO, a new extra small dolly for set, stage, show, concert and studio installation. The equipment will premiere at NAB 2016.

mat-cosmo nab 2016

MAT-COSMO, also called “the big tiny” is a new Peter Braun idea brought to life in time for the 2016 edition of the NAB show.  It is a brand new extra small dolly with great high tech features, particular in combination with the Academy Award Winning MAT-TOWERCAM – TWIN PEEK which won Peter Braun, in 2015, a Technical Achievement Award, for concept and Development from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

This specialized camera-tracking-system meets every demand, allows multiple camera packages and offers sensational variations and options of Overhead, Diagonal, Vertical, Straight and Curved Moves! The MAT-COSMO offers smooth, lightweight and silent solutions for unique shots, and the width of the tracks is only 35mm!

Peter Braun, the name behind MAT – Mad About Technology, a company established in 1976, is the pioneer and visionary of unconventional camera movement. Together with his his zeitgeisty crew he invents, discovers, and manufactures sophisticated specialized remote camera systems.

When 25-year old Peter Braun founded MAT 1976 in Hamburg/ Germany, nobody could have forseen how important this company would become for the national and international film, television and music industry. Initially a mobile grip unit, the MAT-philosphy of the moving camera became increasingly more important and changed the company’s identity. Over time MAT provided a market niche with highly-specialized equipment, initiating a boom but nonethless becoming the market leader for specialized remote camera systems in Europe.

From the first mobile crane in the early eighties to remote heads (Stabilized Scorpio, Mini Scorpio, Micro Scorpio, MiniMote), from Hollywood’s Snorkel-Camera-System (designed by Paul Kenworthy ) to the newest generation of Telescopic Cranes (SuperScorpioCrane, T15 Telescopic Jib Cranes, MB 45 MoviebirdCrane…), from the earliest MAT-„tracking-adventure“ Speedtrack to „hovering and flying“ Gocam and Flycam (designed by Steadycam-Inventor Garrett Brown) and the spectacular own developments such as the MAT-TOWERCAM–Family and the MAT-LIZARD Dolly (designed by Peter Braun), Liftcam, Cruiscam, U-Cam…the range of rental and sales products MAT offers is, in every sense of the word: unique!

The products from the company are behind some of the big productions of recent years, and are associated with names as MTV Awards, Let`s Dance, Olympics etc. on the TV side and Harry Potter, James Bond, Pina, The Help, Only Lovers Left alive etc. in the Film side.

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