Lykos Bi-Color, your traveling LED Lights

The Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit from Litepanels is the all-in-one solution perfect for any traveling cinematographer, video producer, or lighting professional.

Lykos Bi-Color, your travelling LEDs

Offering the latest in terms of LED technology, and applying Litepanels award-winning engineering, the Lykos LED panels are a compact, lightweight lighting solution that produces full spectrum lighting.

Although the lights are available individually, a good solution if you need a complete setup is the all-in-one 3-light kit. The Lykos is a compact LED panel that packs a punch and lightweight enough so you can easily hand hold, mount it to a stand or rig it from its cold shoe mount or 1/4-20 posts. The whole kit weighs 12.2 kg.

Lykos Bi-Color, your travelling LEDs

“Each Lykos LED light offers a similar output to Litepanels original 1×1 (400W Tungsten) yet only requires 23 watts to power,” said Litepanels co-founder Pat Grosswendt. “This unusually low power requirement makes this a truly mobile lighting kit that can be used in a variety applications with a convenient assortment of powering options.”

Video producers have the option of the standard Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit or the Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit with Battery Bundle that includes Anton/Bauer L-series batteries and chargers. The Lykos features an incorporated L-Series bracket, can be powered via optional D-Tap power cable or if going mobile is not needed can be powered with the included AC adapter.

Lykos Bi-Color, your travelling LEDs

There are two different kits available:

  • Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit: Includes 3 Lykos Bi-Color panels, AC adapters with US, EU, UK, and Australia power cables, 3 Nano stands, , 3 ball head shoe mounts, , a soft box, and diffusion gels. The entire kit fits neatly into a Pelican 1510 hard case with custom-foam made from recycled material, wheels and a retractable handle that is FAA rated for carry-on luggage so you can safely transport your lighting from shoot to shoot. Price: $ 2,109.00
  • Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit with Battery Bundle: Offers all of the gear mentioned above as well as 3 Anton/Bauer NP-F976 L-Series batteries and 3 L-Series single position chargers, making this kit a true mobile lighting solution. Price: $2,495.00

Lykos Bi-Color, your travelling LEDs By pairing it with the Litepanels SmartLite app, the optional LYKOS Bluetooth Dongle allows users to control their LED panels remotely to adjust brightness, color temperature, and more with their Apple handheld device. Additionally, for remarkable color reproduction, the panel includes high CRI/TLCI rated surface-mounted LEDs with custom designed optics and is also flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle.

These panels also feature smooth dimming from 100% to 0% with no noticeable color shift, which has become a staple in Litepanels lighting. For added convenience, users can view their light intensity and color temperature mixture settings with the easy to read LCD display on the rear of the panel.

The Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit is available now. Visit Litepanels’ website for more info on their LED lighting solutions.

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