Loupedeck+ now compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Audition

Final Cut Pro X is the first Apple-developed suite made compatible with the photo and video editing console Loupedeck+, which also features additional integration with Adobe Audition.

Loupedeck+ now compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Audition

Loupedeck continues to grow the list of software its console is compatible with. After the integration with Lightroom and Photoshop, the console turned to video, with Adobe products first. Now it’s FCP X time!

Created with Lightroom in mind, the Loupedeck console started as a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in November 2016, and in 2017 the first model of the console made it to the first backers.  It’s a story we followed here at ProVideo Coalition, through a series of articles that share the evolution of the console, and the integration with Photoshop. I wrote, then, that “… we may well see the Loupedeck enter the world of video editing” and in fact it did not take long for that to happen.

June 2018 the console became compatible with software  as Aurora HDR, from Skylum,  also with Capture One with Luminar on the list to become compatible. While there does not seem to be any news on that front, the integration with Photoshop became a reality, as the integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and other tools of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, as Adobe After Effects. Video was, as suggested since the very early days, an important part of the development of Loupedeck +, the new version of the console.

Loupedeck+ now compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Audition

Flexibility for video and audio

That same trend continues now, with Loupedeck announcing that the first Apple-developed suite,  Final Cut Pro, is now compatible with Loupedeck+. At the same time the company announced additional integration with Adobe Audition. Following the successful launch of the Loupedeck+, and its initial integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition integrations are, says Loupedeck, “the next step in delivering an increasing level of functionality and flexibility the video and audio editing communities require with the Loupedeck+.”

Final Cut Pro users using Loupedeck+ will be able to:

  • Utilize faster and more intuitive video editing and color correction; all basic tools for color grading are simply labelled on the console
  • Total flexibility to create their own configurations to fit their workflow
  • Export/import an editor’s personal Loupedeck configuration setups and easily transfer them to another computer
  • Use Color Wheel workspace compatibility for color grading
  • Leverage flexible timeline navigation, content trimming and clip adjustment
  • Have the option to customize console buttons to preferred Final Cut Pro shortcut demands or use preinstalled functions
  • Take advantage of 400+ additional functions available

Adobe Audition users using Loupedeck+ will be able to:

  • Create a faster and more intuitive workflow
  • Create analogous use with digital project
  • Create and manage single track and multitrack projects
  • Use more accurate track control and navigation
  • Use all edit tools including trim and nudge
  • Use volume adjustments for all channels
  • Add Fades and Effects to projects

Loupedeck+ now compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Audition

FCP X and Adobe Audition

“Our customers have been eager for Apple-integration with the Loupedeck+ since it was launched,” said Mikko Kesti, Founder and CEO of Loupedeck. “Final Cut Pro X was the logical choice given its wide adoption in the editing community and we felt it was an important next step for us as we look to continue our mission of delivering a well-rounded experience for users and helping to improve their workflows. Not only will they get the benefits of Loupdeck+’s intuitive design and approachable tools, they’ll get increased functionality across the range of video editing products they might be using.”

The Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition integrations are available now. Loupedeck is available for purchase in the Loupedeck Online Store, B&H Photo and Amazon.com for $249. Follow the link to read a review of Loupedeck published by Scott Simmons here at Provideo Coalition.

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