Leyard, a LED touch-enabled video wall

The Leyard LED MultiTouch is the industry’s first seamless LED touch-enabled video wall, a cutting-edge solution to broadcast and AV professionals.

Leyard, a LED touch-enabled video wall

The video wall developed by Leyard and Planar offers a seamless touch experience for LED video walls up to 196” diagonal with high-resolution 1.2-millimeter pixel pitch.

Launched at NAB 2017, the Leyard LED MultiTouch video wall is a proprietary multi-touch solution that revolutionizes interactivity for narrow pixel pitch LED video walls without the disadvantages of front glass—offering a seamless, smooth, lightweight and durable LED touch surface that delivers superior visual performance enabled by the patent-pending Leyard PLTS (Pliable LED Touch Surface) technology.

“Up until now, adding touch to a high-resolution LED video wall was an exercise in frustration and compromise for customers. With Leyard LED MultiTouch, we are able to provide the fully integrated and seamless touch experience customers have asked for, without compromising performance or increasing cost of ownership,” said Steve Seminario, vice president of product marketing at Leyard and Planar. “We’ve been a leader in video wall and interactive touch technology since the beginning of these categories and we’re pleased to showcase this cutting-edge solution at NAB 2017 to broadcast and AV professionals, helping them display their content to customers in new and innovative ways.”

The breakthrough video wall brings advanced interactivity to fine pitch LED video walls, opening up LED display technology to a wide range of collaborative applications that until now were the sole domain of LCD displays. From broadcast to corporate settings to education institutions, the LED MultiTouch video wall offers a seamless touch experience for LED video walls up 16 feet (4.9 meters) and up to a 196” diagonal with high-resolution 1.2-millimeter pixel pitch. Among the benefits are:

  • High-performance touch: The Leyard LED MultiTouch allows for up to 32 simultaneous touch points, enabling multiple users to simultaneously interact with the video wall without affecting other users. The touch experience is accurate and intuitive, with excellent tactile feel and a smooth, anti-static surface.
  • Superior image quality: Unlike glass panels, which can trap heat and reflect light, the Leyard LED MultiTouch features proprietary Leyard PLTS technology for an anti-glare surface that eliminates the distracting reflections that can occur in well-lit environments. The display delivers a crisp, high-contrast image using the highest-quality black LEDs, and maintains uniform color and brightness even when viewed off-axis.
  • Durable and easy to service: The Leyard PLTS touch surface material is extremely durable, protecting the video wall from damage that can occur from casual contact or debris getting on the display, while avoiding the heat that is commonly trapped in protective glass installations. The lightweight touch surface can easily be removed and then reapplied, making it easy to service. It is also straightforward to clean, requiring only a simple cleaner and cloth.
  • Fits almost any environment: The Leyard LED MultiTouch is lightweight, thin and unobtrusive, making it ideal for almost any environment since it does not dramatically affect the mounting depth of the video wall.

The new video wall extends Leyard’s unique LED portfolio at a time when the company has assumed the no. 1 position in the growing LED video display industry. In 2016 Leyard was named the market share leader in the $3.5 billion LED video display business, increasing its standing by 10 percentage points over a two-year period, according to a recent report by Futuresource Consulting.

The Leyard LED MultiTouch is scheduled to ship in the third quarter of 2017 through Leyard and Planar’s global network of authorized resellers.

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