iPhone X 3D facial mocap available for professional production

LIVE FACE app and iClone Motion LIVE combine face, body and hands for a totally live performance capture and virtual production solution now available from Reallusion..

iPhone X 3D facial mocap available for professional production

The popularity of the iPhone X for face tracking has serious power for animators and storytellers. Some suggest that out-of- the-box, LIVE FACE is probably the easiest facial mocap system of all to use with it.

Last July,  Reallusion introduced the free app LIVE FACE, unlocking the iPhone X face tracking power, offering users the ability to live stream facial mocap data to any desktop client. The LIVE FACE app live captures facial performances via an iPhone X to create 2D facial animations with CrazyTalk Animator 3 (CTA 3) on a Mac or PC, turning an iPhone X into a powerful production tool that anyone can use.

Now Reallusion takes things a step further. The company, creator of the unified full-body motion capture tool,  iClone Motion LIVE announces the addition of iPhone X face mocap.  The iPhone X app LIVE FACE works with iClone Motion LIVE to provide a total solution out-of-the-box for full-body and face motion capture. VFX on a budget and innovation meet with the iPhone X for motion capture combined with iClone Motion Live and the LIVE FACE app.

iPhone X 3D facial mocap available for professional production

Users can download the LIVE FACE app to Wi-Fi stream tracking data from an iPhone X to a workstation client. Then, through Motion LIVE, combine iPhone X facial data with other mocap sources like Xsens, Noitom, Rokoko, OptiTrack and Leap Motion for a complete face and body mocap studio. Besides custom importing character designs, developers can professionally animate characters generated from major character systems like iClone Character Creator and Daz3D.

The iPhone X addition to Motion LIVE empowers real-time usage for virtual hosts, interactive characters, live entertainers and performers. This new solution also compliments a production workflow for editing, rendering and exporting to any game engine or 3D application. According to 3D artist Mike Sherwood, “Out-of-the-box, LIVE FACE is probably the easiest facial mocap system of all to use. Reallusion have taken iPhoneX facial mocap to the next level. With iPhoneX and the new LIVE FACE plugin, iClone users can now produce high quality facial motion capture direct from the phone to any 3D character in iClone.”

iPhone X 3D facial mocap available for professional production

“LIVE FACE has absolutely changed the way I animate the characters for my children’s animated Series, The Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya!! I am able to capture in realtime my daughter and son who voice act the characters of Nkoza and Nankya, in away I never could before LIVE FACE. This has taken iClone to a whole new animation level”, says creator and director Solomon W. Jagwe.

The iPhone X LIVE Facial Mocap for iClone Motion Live is available now on Reallusion store. The Live Face App is free to download from iOS App store, and the Live Face Profile is available at the price of $399. Check Reallusion store for the limited time launch special offer.

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