IdolCam: the end of jittery video

Presented as the first pocket 3 axis gyro gimbal camera, idolCam is powered by a powerful computer with perfectly matched 6 axis gyro and 6 axis accelerometer, which eliminates movements from all directions at lightning speed.

IdolCam: the end of jittery video

Soon on a campaign at Indiegogo, idolCam is the latest product from AeriCam. With it, the company says, anyone can capture silky, smooth movies like the pros.

According to AeriCam, the end of vacation and wedding videos that look too amateur is near. If you feel embarrassed to share with friends and families and you can’t even bear to watch your movies for more than 5 minutes without getting motion sickness on your latest HD TV, their latest project may be the solution for your problems.

Idolcam is conceived to cure the shortcomings of the consumer cameras.  Arming you with the latest 3 axis gimbal stabilizer, lighting system and ability to change lenses just like the professionals, now, you can capture Hollywood Style Movies of your choice. That’s the promise, but can AeriCam deliver?

The company thinks so. AeriCam has been quietly working over the past year on the next innovation, the IdolCam.  IdolCam is a pocket size 3 axis drone camera set out to eliminate shaky video, unflattering lighting, lack of lens options and the constant need of someone to help take a photo that consumers facing with current camera and smartphones. AeriCam compares it to the mix of a 4K GoPro with a 3X gimbal. Get a drone to carry the idolCam and you’ve a 4K 3 axis gimbal drone ready to fly!

IdolCam: the end of jittery video

The idolCam has its own lighting system, so the action does not stop when night arrives or the light levels are low. AeriCam says that “Idolcam offers different lighting attachments to tackle different lighting situations.  A high intensity light attachment is for lighting large group of people, a cute doggie light attachment for selfies and a ring light attachment for looking like the models in fashion shoots and music videos.  With Idolcam, you can now have the best look anytime, and anywhere!”

Different lenses for the device are also promised. A 20mm (compared to 35mm format) lens is standard with the idolCam, but more lenses, like a 24mm and 35mm, will be available if the project gets funded on Indiegogo, says AeriCam.

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Looks good. It looks smaller than than it is in the photos.

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