Hydrogen ONE: RED and Leia confirm partnership

RED Digital Cinema and Leia announced a long-term exclusive partnership to bring the world’s first lightfield “holographic” smartphone, Hydrogen ONE, to consumers in 2018.

Hydrogen ONE: RED and Leia confirm partnership

The official announcement of the partnership formed by RED and Leia confirms what ProVideo Coalition wrote about the Hydrogen ONE last July. The smartphone that is more than a smartphone has Leia’s touch!

We wrote back in July, in a second article about RED’s smartphone, that we knew, then, a little more about the new product, which is, in fact, we wrote, “much more than an Android smartphone”. We pointed then to the evidence that Leia was the name behind the holographic technology RED says its smartphone  – let’s call it that to keep things simple, but please read our previous articles – uses. Well, two months later it is officially confirmed that Leia and RED are working together.

The Hydrogen One, which will bring the world’s first lightfield “holographic” into the hands of consumers in the first half of 2018 uses holographic screen technology provided by Leia. According to a press-release distributed recently, “the strategic partnership will leverage RED’s expertise in digital content creation and deep connections in the film industry as well as Leia’s proprietary lightfield display technology and software platform to disrupt the world of mobile entertainment. The Hydrogen program will feature stunning holographic content and 3D sound for movie viewing, interactive gaming, social messaging and mixed reality.”

Leia leverages recent breakthroughs in Nano-Photonic design and manufacturing to provide a complete lightfield “holographic” display solution for mobile devices, through proprietary hardware and software. The Silicon Valley firm commercializes LCD-based mobile screens able to synthesize lightfield holographic content while preserving the normal operation of the display.

“This is an incredible opportunity for both companies and a perfect marriage,” says Jim Jannard, Founder and Chairman of RED. “Leia brings a very special piece of technology that blends seamlessly with our vision of a ground-breaking and disruptive consumer product.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Jim and the RED team on the Hydrogen program,” says David Fattal, Leia Founder and CEO. “They have a bold vision and share our urge to disrupt the mobile industry with true innovation.”

“Jim has had a marked influence on our team,” adds Fattal. “He is an amazing inventor and designer with a unique flair to create global consumer brands. We could not have found a better partner to enter the consumer realm.”

The announcement of the partnership also reveals that RED has made a strategic investment in Leia, and Jannard will be joining the Leia board of directors.

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