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Fernando Trindade

WHY do you call this “MACRO”????
Macrophotography is 1:1 at least (while some schools teach 1:2 at the minimum magnification to b considered macro, 1:1 is the globally accepted magnification).


PLEASE call it close-ups or similar, NOT MACRO.
This line of thinking is making all my (and thousands others) life’s work worth nothing because “everyone does macro nowadays”…

How you can define 1:1 scale in a smartphone camera? The image sensor is so incredibly small that if the viewed field is big the same (1:1), it would be microscopy, not macro.

Steve Crye

I have a new S22 ultra, and I cannot find the focus enhancer setting. I never see the 2 yellow dots on the lower left when moving in close with the wide angle camera. Please help

Last edited 1 year ago by Steve Crye
Jose Antunes

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, hope this helps: you need to be in the regular Photo camera mode as it does not work in Pro. When you get close to the subject, the two yellow circles appear automatically on the lower left side in portrait or lower right side on landscape orientation. It’s tricky, but it’s there. You can activate it or deactivate according to your preferences.


So, after some time using your Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra, would you still choose the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro over the S22 ultra to take macro pictures? I am mostly interested in plant photos (I am a botanist) and many times detailed pictures of tiny morphological characters are needed. As a matter of fact, the only feature that interest me in a phone is the macro camera. Hence, in your opinion, what mobile phone should I buy?
Thank you very much for the advice /Obrigado!


And of course, still, there is the newer Xiaomi 12, with a 5 MP telemacro camera, f/2.4 and AF (3cm-7cm). I wonder if Xiaomi AutoFocus in macro is so much better the than the s22 ultra’s “enhanced focus” macro system to balance the greater number of megapixels and other featured of the main cameras of the S22 ultra.
Thanks, again!

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