Do you know how close your smartphone's lenses focus?
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Thanks for your article, it’s nice to know i’m not the only person searching for this information but in late 2023. Bought the new iphone 15 pro but the minimum focus distance is too far on the primary lens, and the macro mode on is not suitable for my purpose due to being too close, causing shadows and distortion. So I’ve sold it.

Thanks to the article. You are 100% right.
Minimum focusing distance of the smartphone tele lens (wrongly called “zoom”) is an information that is almost impossible to find.
As well as any other technical information about tele optics (real or 35mm equivalent focal lenght, angles of view, minimum and maximum aperture ). It’s just defined as a 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x… optical zoom and nothing else
For any serious macro application (for example yours, with flower, the mineral photos and also mine, as jewel photographic equipment designer) the cheap ultrawide “Macro lens” solution is just an un-usable toy, no matter if it is in a smartphone or in a compact-zoom camera.
May I propose to share our measurement on our smartphone tele-lens here, in order to help other people that is doing the same search?
The fully filled rows are my present smartphones, while I’m very interested to the missing data of the other models in order to buy the most suitable for my needs (and budget):
Model Tele lens with sensor min.distance min. viewed area
MOTOROLA G8 Power 2x 8Mp 9 cm 4.5x3cm
MOTOROLA Edge 20 3x 8Mp 24cm 12x8cm
MOTOROLA Edge 20 pro 5x 8Mp
Samsung S21 Ultra 3x/10x Mp/ Mp / /
Samsung S22 Ultra 3x/10x Mp/ Mp / /
Samsung S23 Ultra 3x/10x Mp/ Mp / /
iPhone 13 pro 3x
iPhone 14 pro 3x
iPhone 15 pro

iPhone 13 pro has an optical 3x with 12Mp sensor that is switched on when distance is > 16cm. At that distance the small side of the view is 50mm, that means, for a 4/3 view 67x50mm, for a 16/9 is a 89x50mm
At closer distances, smaller area are focused by the main sensor (wide) that is automatically switched on.

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