Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: inconsistent AF and other problems
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Wondering when you got you’re device. My red device was late. Late batch . none of the problems you describe to that degree.

Ed Mon

The biggest POS cellular I ever had, combined with crap Verizon service I am doomed. Was a month overseas and this phone will not work abroad as it is incapable to register other operators, I had to purchase a cheap cell in order to have service and google maps. Verizon and Samsung tech support exhausted all possible causes and still not working. back in the U.S. I lose connection all the time it is plain a big and dumb expensive cell , only the camera is better than my old S20 Ultra which performed very well. And yeah, it has the Snapdragoon, big F deal, your eyes cannot even notice the speed…if there is any difference. graphics is not better than my old S20 Ultra.
I will need to pay it off and will exchange for another phone, because now tie you up for 3 years!!.. GOOD BYE SAMSUNG !!! never again, should go back and make it in Korea not in China!!!!


Just bought the device and I am experiencing the same issues. Things out of the focus point often get very smudged: the way photos used to do back in 2011 on smartphones.

Other times photos come out pretty good.

melinda mcneese

I have the Verizon version of this phone & I have the same photo problems, plus it overheats way too often. Since 12/2021 I’ve had the Note 10+, 21 Ultra & now the 22 Ultra; both the Note & the 21 had better cameras. My son bought the unlocked version directly from Samsung & doesn’t have any of the problems mine does. My 1st Samsung phone was the Galaxy 4 & I’ve only had Samsung since, but with the issues with this phone & the announcement of the Tesla phone, I’ve been considering a change.

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