How to answer when someone asks you to move a project from Avid to Premiere Pro (or vice versa) 1
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Neil Sadwelkar

Loved this piece. Particularly the short answers.

Having done this moving back and forth between NLEs for editor friends, here are my observations.

In most feature, and TV projects, synced video and audio (AutoSync in Avid or merged clips in Premiere Pro) form the majority of clips. Translating these accurately/losslessly, between NLEs, is tedious. What may be useful is, if the editor/asst in the original NLE, has created day-wise ‘sync timelines’ (video and audio placed in a timeline in sync) prior to creating AutoSync or merged clips. Then, those timelines can be translated from one to the other. But very tedious, and often unnecessary.

The other issues are, translating ‘subclips’ which is an Avid editor’s favoured method of creating editable clips from synced dailies. And two, with media, which is DNxHD or DNxHR for Avid and mov or avi for Premiere Pro. Converting rom one to another and then relinking is another task.

What often happens is that the original edit is performed in one NLE, and the requirement is for that to be ‘polished’ by another editor in another NLE. In this case, a timeline translation may suffice.

Sometimes, the requirement is, for a secondary editor to edit smaller segments of the show. Like, songs, or action sequences, or VFX heavy sequences. These are sometimes edited by a secondary editor who’s comfortable working on a different NLE.
In this case, that editor often starts from scratch with just the required dailies anyway. S/he then edits, and now that edited timeline (from one NLE) needs to be integrated in the main edit (on another NLE).

So, in this case, the secondary editor’s dailies are imported into the primary NLE and the secondary editor’s timeline, linked to them. And then that timeline is integrated into the main timeline. I’ve managed a fair bit of these for Bollywood movies where the songs are often edited by a different editor and simply grafted into the main edit.

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