Hollywood Style Shots With Joby’s Action Jib

Capturing high and low shots easily with a small camera is possible using the new portable jib for GoPro, Ion, Contour and Sony Action Cam cameras.


The new Joby Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack and Action Jib Kit give action cam users the chance to capture different classic cinema shots – the crane, low and high angle, panning, tracking and other – with a single piece of equipment that is extremely lightweight and packable. In fact, with 23.5 oz. (665 g) for the Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack and 11.03 oz. (320 g) for the Action Jib Kit , there is no excuse to leave them behind when you go for a shoot.

The system gives users a new point of view and allows to place a small action camera – from GoPro, Ion, Contour and Sony – into hard-to-reach places, offering the chance to create the right mix of shots to make a video stand out.

“The mobility and versatility of action cams have gradually led to them being used far more widely than their original intended use, including in more professional settings where different perspectives and smooth video panning are required,” said Kate Farmer, Joby brand director. “The Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack and Action Jib Kit enable action cam users the ability to capture expansive shots without the need for a heavy, bulky and expensive professional jib system. This makes it possible for GoPro and other action cam shooters to capture professional-grade video footage from various angles ranging from low angle shots to birds-eye perspectives.”

The Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack (US MSRP $99.95) is a complete out-of-the-box solution for action cam shooters wanting to achieve movie-quality shots from all angles effortlessly. The kit comes with three aluminum extension poles and two removable and adjustable pole clamps – with one clamp at the base acting as a handle and one higher up on the pole where the action cam is mounted. Connecting the pole clamps is an adjustable cording to fit any pole length, allowing the camera to rotate with the integrated pulley system.


The kit handle is also versatile in connecting with other Joby products such as a GorillaPod Arm or GripTight Mount for smartphones for remote video viewing. No more guessing whether your shot is in frame. Just mount your phone to the ¼”-20 screw on the handle with a GripTight Mount + Locking Arm. Pair your phone to your action camera and you have a live display of what you are shooting.

The poles are built with painter’s pole threading to allow for greater pole extensions. All components of the Action Jib Kit can be broken down into the accompanying compact bag for easy portability and storage. As mentionned before, the entire product with extension poles weighs 23.5 oz. (665 g).

Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack

The Action Jib Kit (US MSRP $79.95) is an ultra-portable, expandable jib kit letting you capture unique crane shots with any pole or monopod. The Action Jib Kit has all of the components of the Action Jib Kit & Pole Pack, with the exception of the three aluminum extension poles. Instead, the Action Jib Kit can be used with any pole or existing monopod with the inclusion of a ¼”-20 screw monopod end cap. The entire product without the poles weighs 11.03 oz. (320 g).

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