Gitzo introduces Adventury backpacks

Gitzo is expanding its offer in terms of backpacks with the introduction of a new family, the Adventury backpacks, available in two versions: 45L and 30L.

Gitzo introduces Adventury backpacks

Designed for all photographers who need carrying solutions able to provide long-lasting comfort and safeguard all the equipment, the new Gitzo backpacks are ideal to carry cameras with long lenses.

Wildlife and bird watching photographers and videographers using long lenses will appreciate what Gitzo offers with the new Adventury series of camera backpacks: the two bags are designed to carry cameras with long lenses, even when mounted. The 45L model shown here is adequate to take a 600mm f/4 mounted on camera with extra lenses on the side.

The two new backpacks were announced at the start of NAB 2018, along with some other products from the company behind Gitzo, Manfrotto, from which there was also a series of products, like the Pro Light Cinematic camcorder backpack Balance or the BeFree Live tripod, showcased at the Las Vegas show.

Gitzo introduces Adventury backpacks

Made of premium weather-resistant materials, the Gitzo Adventury backpacks are conceived for all outdoor activities, even if you’re not a wildlife or bird photographer. In fact, they are, according to Gitzo, ideal if you travel a lot and have two goals in mind: long-lasting comfort and safeguard all the equipment.

Both backpacks offer modularity, with interchangeable dividers that are also flexible, and allow users to adapt the main compartment to their specific needs, from a DSLR kit with long lenses to a mirrorless model, with extra space for your other gear, from a foldable drone to your laptop and lighting gear. The internal insert can easily be removed to turn the bag into an everyday outdoor backpack.

Water repellent materials and water protective zippers, a rain cover and removable waist belt are present in both versions. The backpacks can be used as carry-on luggage, although Gitzo warns that due to ever changing restrictions, you should always check with your carrier prior to departure.

A 30L backpack safeguards a pro DSLR (such as a Canon 1D Mark II or Nikon D5) with a 70-200 mm f/4 lens attached and a second camera body plus up to 4 lenses or up to 400 mm detached f/4 lens, a camera body and a couple of lenses or small accessories. Its interchangeable dividers also enable it to fit a full premium CSC set up (such as Sony Alpha 7/9 Series) plus foldable drone and remote control with accessories (i.e. DJI Mavic Pro series).

Gitzo introduces Adventury backpacks

Thanks to the new GITZO G-Cushion insert, the 45L backpack protects a pro DSLR (such as a Canon 1D X Mark II or Nikon D5) with up to 600 mm f/4 telephoto lens attached, plus a second camera with lens attached and additional lenses. Its interchangeable dividers can also be configured to fit a DJI Phantom Drone plus remote and a camera with lens attached, additional lens and accessories.

Available in a nice tone of green that suits the areas of exploration visited by the professionals it is designed for – bird, wildlife, nature and landscape photographers – the Adventury family from Gitzo completes its bag range with two new solutions to explore if you’re after backpacks for carrying long lenses. The 30L costs $249.99 and the 45L has a price of $349.99.

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