Ghost: a Voice Activated Gimbal

The idea of a VALG or Voice Activated Levitation Gimbal may be nothing more than a 1st of April hoax, but the Ghost Gimbal V3 is a real Kickstarter project waiting for support.


The suggestion that the Ghost Gimbal, from SIC – Spaulding International Cinema could be voice activated to levitate and follow the user was nothing more than an April Fool’s Day hoax. But the video published on that day served to remind people of their Kickstarter campaign for the Ghost V3.

The Ghost V3 Kickstarter campaign is in fact a campaign for three new models: the Ghost V3, Ghost Grip and Ghost Pro II. The Ghost V3 is a 3-axis camera gimbal designed for both handheld and aerial cinematography. The V3’s patent pending mini rail system keeps the gimbal’s weight down, strengthens the frame, and allows easy adjusting. The Ghost Grip is a small gimbal designed for smartphones and GoPro cameras. This gimbal has been in development for a long time, with the team trying to design a consumer friendly version that was affordable. The Ghost Grip is as easy as it gets. Just attach your phone and turn the power on.

The Ghost Pro II is designed for the most demanding cinema packages. SIC created a system ready to work with large pro camera systems up to 12lbs. This Pro version will easily support your RED or similar cinema camera, as well as smaller DSLR’s. This model has powerful motors, so you can attach a follow focus, matte box, and any extras without worrying if the gimbal can support the extra weight.


This is not the first time that Spaulding International Cinema uses the crowd funding platform to help them raise the needed funds for production. More han two years ago they asked for support to build an affordable motorized camera stabilizer. The Kickstarter community and other early backers made it possible to bring their product to the market. Now they are back with a campaign started on the 17th of March and ending April 18th, 2015. They’ve already $42,498 pledged of their $30,000 goal but there is still some time to go before the Kickstarter campaign ends.

Jesse Spaulding, the founder of SIC – Spaulding International Cinema, has always pushed the boundaries of filmmaking with new, innovative camera devices and gadgets. He has a love for engineering, but received his degree in digital filmmaking from the University of Montana. Since then, he started his own production company, and freelances for indie films, documentaries, and numerous television shows including, “Fly Fishing the World,” “Mountain Men,” “L.L. Bean’s Guide to the Outdoors,” and more. For the past three years, he’s specialized in designing and manufactering Camera Stabilizers for both handheld and aerial cinematography. Jesse constantly develops new camera tools to allow an indie filmmaker the ability to shoot cinematic, high budget footage.

Camera stabilizing devices have always intrigued Jesse. After researching the physics behind steadicams, Jesse designed and built his first steadicam 8 years ago. He’s built camera zip-lines, jibs, remote time-lapse dollies, and for the past three years he has focused more on multi-rotored aerial platforms. He’s developed innovative camera mounts for multi-rotored helicopters, which is how the Ghost evolved.

With his eight years of rugged, outdoor filming experience, Jesse Spaulding knows the importance of quality built camera products. He strives to keep pushing the limits of camera equipment. Now, with the help from cinematographers and Kickstarter, Jesse and the crew at Spaulding International Cinema want to bring new products to the market. Not a Voice Activated Levitation Mode Gimbal, but REAL affordable, innovative, camera products to the average indie filmmaker.

Find more about the Ghost V3 at the Kickstarter campaign page or at Ghost Gimbals website.



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