First look: iKlip A/V preamp/mount/grip for smartphones & small cameras

iKlip A/V converts balanced XLR microphones for smartphones, while serving as a grip and tripod mount


I have covered mounts and grips before (iOgrapher and The Padcaster). I have reviewed many audio preamps to connect balanced XLR microphones to smartphones from many manufacturers, including IK Multimedia. Now IK Multimedia has combined what the Italian manufacturer calls a broadcast mount & preamp in a single device called the iKlip A/V. This is my “first look” before I receive one and review it very soon.

According to the manufacturer, the Klip A/V is a complete mobile solution for professional audio and video recording with your smartphone, offering the ability to capture and monitor pro-quality audio on the go thanks to an integrated high-quality mic preamp and built-in wireless receiver support. The idea is to combine iKlip A/V, your smartphone or other small camera, and your favorite professional XLR microphone, be it dynamic or condenser. In the past, I have covered several omnidirectional dynamic microphones for ENG (Electronic News Gathering), including the Audio-Technica BP4002 (covered in this article), the ElectroVoice RE50N/D-B, the RØDE Reporter (reviewed in this article), and the Senal ENG–18RL (reviewed in this article).

iKlip A/V works with either professional balanced dynamic XLR microphones (like the ones I just mentioned above) or professional balanced XLR condenser microphones because the preamp in the iKlip A/V offers optional (switchable) phantom power for those microphones that require it.


As I have covered in several prior articles, ENG (electronic news gathering) generally prefers the use of dynamic handheld microphones for informal interviews and standups. The exception are professional balanced XLR lavalier mics and shotguns, which nearly always require phantom power. The output of the iKlip A/V is TRRS 3.5mm, and includes a detachable cable for that, but IK Multimedia also offers an adaptor cable to TRS 3.5 mm to connect to small cameras that use that configuration.

For more information about that see my TS/TRS/TRRS/TRRRS: Combating the misconnection epidemic article from August 2015.

iKlip A/V also includes built-in support for holding most popular wireless microphone receivers and can also be mounted on tripods.


Stand by for my upcoming complete review of iKlip AV (with test recordings).

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