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FilmConvert’s camera profiles for smartphones: for Galaxy S8 now, iPhone X is next

FilmConvert recently launched a new profile, this time for the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the company promises to introduce more profiles for smartphones in the future.

FilmConvert: a profile for Galaxy S8 and for iPhone X is coming soon

A profile for the Samsung Galaxy S8 was the most recent launch from FilmConvert, in a period when the company celebrates its birthday with a special Birthday Sale. A profile for the iPhone X is coming soon, and there is more…

Launched recently, the camera profile for the Samsung Galaxy marks a closer relation of FilmConvert with the universe of smartphones, through a partnership with FiLMiC Pro. It’s a cooperation that makes sense, as smartphones are everywhere, so much, in fact, that this edition of NAB will take a closer look at the mobile revolution, with segments dedicated to explore ways to promote greater mobile engagements. With over half of the planet using smartphones, it’s time to go all-in on mobile content, technology and delivery, and that includes using them as tools for cinematography projects.

So, with the 2018 NAB Show as background, FilmConvert announces its latest camera profile, created for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and supporting Natural, Flat and LOG shooting modes in the FiLMiC Pro app. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has one of the best camera sensors on the market, so with FiLMiC Pro and FilmConvert you can create cinematic-looking images.

FilmConvert says that the company is teaming up with FiLMiC Pro to create new camera profiles for the cutting edge smartphone filmmakers out there. The partnership makes even more sense when one discovers that FiLMiC Pro is currently running their “One World” Film Contest, with 6 categories and $25,000 in prizes, a contest accepting short films, shot on iOS or Android, until May 31, 2018. A good reason to download the FilmConvert Samsung Galaxy S8 camera profile and start shooting!

The introduction of the camera profile for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is, apparently, only the beginning, as FilmConvert suggested, already, that a profile for the iPhone X is coming soon, while, replying to a comment of its Facebook page, the company also suggests that the Pixel 2 smartphone may be on the list to receive a camera profile.

FilmConvert’s interest for smartphones doesn’t mean the company will stop delivering camera profiles for bigger cameras, and the Sony Alpha 7R and 7 III will receive, soon, profiles to expand the creative options available for cinematographers using those models.

All this happens at a time when FilmConvert celebrates its foundation, with a special Birthday Sale with 50% off all FilmConvert plugins, standalone and Bundle licenses. This is the lowest price ever for FilmConvert, so if filmmakers have been curious about checking why FilmConvert is so popular, now is the perfect time! Visit FilmConvert’s website to get 50% off today.

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