DoPchoice premieres the Universal SNAPBAG for barndoors at IBC 2019

Get ready for the Universal SNAPBAG for barndoors, designed to fit most fixtures equipped with 5” to 7” barndoors, including ARRI L5 and L7 and much more. The company also has other products to show.

DoPchoice premieres the Universal SNAPBAG at IBC 2019

DoPchoice elected IBC 2019 as the launch pad to its new products, starting with the Universal SNAPBAG for LED fresnels & hardlights. Discover the whole lighting series in LCA Stand 12 D39.

When there’s a new light fixture on the scene, chances are DoPchoice is ready with a new tool to make it softer, smoother, more directional and more controllable. With IBC being the launch pad for so many lights, the engineers at DoPchoice in Munich have been burning the midnight oil coming up with compatible product innovations. We reveal them here, from the Universal SNAPBAG for LED fresnels & hardlights to the SNAPGRID for Astera Hyperion, and more.

DoPchoice premieres at IBC 2019 the Universal SNAPBAG snap-up softbox, ready for the next wave of LED Fresnels, spots and other hard lights. According to the company, a single Universal unit fits most fixtures equipped with 5” to 7” barndoors including ARRI L5 and L7, Litepanels’ Sola, DeSisti Super Series, K5600 new LED range and similar sized brands.

This versatile softener quickly slips onto the barndoors via a clever pocket-mounting system that is integrated into the SNAPBAG. Once installed, users have the ability to turn the SNAPBAG as the barndoor rotates. Set-up and tear down are a snap and transport is a breeze thanks to its 700g/1.5-lb weight. For greater directional light control, DoPchoice also offers matching 20, 30, 40 or 50 degree SNAPGRIDs.

DoPchoice premieres the Universal SNAPBAG at IBC 2019

Astera gets a SNAPGRID, RABBIT-EARS family grows

The company also brings to IBC 2019 its SNAPGRID solution for Astera Hyperion. Due to the success of Astera’s tubular fixtures, DoPchoice offers a SNAPGRID ready for the newly released Hyperion. With a whopping 2.03m/6.66 ft. length this slim SNAPGRID sets up instantly and cradles the Hyperion, eliminating back and side spill while directing the illumination.

DoPchoice also expands their range of lightweight folding RABBIT-EARS mounting frames to accommodate even more types of panel light fixtures. The newest RABBIT-EARS will now accommodate LUPO Superpanel Full Color 60, and Cosmolight’s Infinity, making them fully compatible with all existing SNAPBAGS for RABBIT-EARS. In addition DoPchoice will be able accommodate Creamsource Micro, Aputure WRGB 300 LED Panel, Velvet EVO Series, and more.

To see the full DoPchoice line of light softening and directing tools visit LCA Hall 12 D39 at IBC. For more information visit the company’s website.

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