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NAB 2019: DoPchoice’s new SNAPGRID and SNAPBAG light accessories

From modifying your LED tube to using a honeycomb to control your soft light source

DoPchoice had a series of products to show at NAB 2019, as part of a growing collection of solutions from the lighting accessory-maker. One of them was the Single Tube SNAPBAG, the slimmest softbox out there, is also on show, because tube-style LED lights are all the rage, and DoPchoice did want to have their own, practical solution. With a cylindrical design, the Single Tube SNAPBAG a neat fit for a slim tube of up to 4’ in length and it sets up in a snap.

Also debuting at NAB 2019,  DoPchoice’s new grid style, the SNAPGRID HONEYCOMB. According to the company, “the SNAPGRID HONEYCOMB offers the same precision tight corner design, robust materials and craftsmanship as their respected square corner versions, in a new hexagonal design. The new shape offers subtly different horizontal and vertical characteristics including slightly softer shadows and a pleasing hexagonal eye-light reflection”. Available for the entire range of SNAPGRIDS and BUTTERFLIES, the HONEYCOMBS are offered in a variety of different degree versions.


Because tube-style LED lights are all the rage, DoPchoice offers the Single Tube SNAPBAG®, the slimmest softbox out there. With a cylindrical design, it’s a neat fit for a slim tube of up to 4’ in length and it sets up in a snap. To get all the benefits of DoPchoice’s steadfast snap-up square-corner grids for singles, there’s the new super-slim SNAPGRID. If going single isn’t enough there’s also a SNAPBAG for a trio of the same tubes. For controlled light softening of 4- 8 tubes, DoPchoice offers two versions of the SNAPBOX (2’x4′ and 4’x4′) quick set-up softboxes that fit Astera, BB&S, Digital Sputnik, Kinoflo and Quasar Science LED tubes.

DoPchoice will also display new customized light shaping accessories ready for the DMG Lumière Maxi Mix including two types of SNAPBAGS (standard and dome-shaped), and light. directing SNAPGRIDS. For the Redback there’s a SNAPBAG Lantern and a specially sized SNAPBAG for Hudson’s Spider Mozzie.

The company also expands its lightweight folding mounting frames with the RABBIT-EARS X- Crossover (SREX). Fully compatible with all existing SNAPBAGS for RABBIT-EARS, this new size (675 x 520mm / 25.86 x 20.47 inch) fills the gap between rectangular and square versions and is the perfect way to gang 2 DMG Lumière Minis together.

To see the full DoPchoice line of light softening and directing tools visit The Rag Place booth C9945 at the NAB Show. For more information visit

About DoPchoice

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, DoPchoice has provided a fresh take on light refining accessories for the world’s top light fixtures since it’s founding in 2008 by Stefan Karle. The cinematographer/inventor has created and built lighting tools with more compact and lightweight designs, that are easier to use and faster to set-up—to meet the needs of gaffers, cinematographers and rental houses, worldwide.

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