Digital content protection at NAB 2018

Cyber Security is a key theme at this year’s edition of the NAB Show, with a total of 19 conferences and panels dealing with the solutions to protect digital content. Fortium will show some of its tools.

Digital content protection at NAB 2018

Fortium will demonstrate at the 2018 NAB Show the company’s solutions for protecting content, including new encryption-on-the-fly and smart folder authentication features for video.

A provider of digital content protection solutions for film, television and broadcast, Fortium will demonstrate the latest features of its MediaSeal encryption ‘at-rest’ and ‘in-use’ solution at NAB 2018, April 7-12, in Las Vegas. Demonstrations will show how MediaSeal protects sensitive media files from cyber crime and accidental distribution without impacting post-production and localization workflows. New features include Smart Folders, for encryption-on-the-fly, and Smart Card, for advanced authentication. Fortium will also be demonstrating the latest version of Patronus, its DVD Screener anti-rip product.

With cyber crime on the rise, media and entertainment companies need to ensure their content has the best possible protection. “Leaks are becoming more common and the cost borne by victims, in terms of monetary loss and damaged reputations, is becoming every greater,” said Fortium CEO Mathew Gilliat-Smith. “MediaSeal is an easy-to-use and effective tool for securing files during film and television post-production, sound and picture editing, localization and marketing production. It protects files from theft and accidental loss at rest, in motion and in use.”

Fortium is not alone when it comes to content protection. In fact, NAB 2018 will be the stage, not only for demonstrations from different companies, but also for conferences and panels about the theme. The titles for some of the 19 conferences dealing with the theme go from the somehow funny “Data Breaches: Barbarians in the Throne Room” to the more serious “Don’t Let Big Data Become a Massive Liability”.

The theme is really important to media companies at different areas and stages of production, and that’s reflected on some of the titles for the conference series. “My Broadcast Plant Network is Secure – Is Yours?”, “Best Practices for Cloud Media Workflows” or “Reliability for E2X and other IP traffic across Radio Studio to Transmitter Link” confirm that since studios moved to digital, finding new ways to protect content has become an essential element of business.

Fortium CEO Mathew Gilliat-Smith will participate in some of these panels, starting Saturday, April 9, with a panel discussion on security as part of Avid Connect 2018 at Wynn Las Vegas, is titled “Security in the World of Media: Content Is King, Keep It Safe!”. Gilliat-Smith will also be a speaker at the debate “From the Camera to the Consumer- Understanding How We Can Secure Content In The World Of OTT” where experts from the spheres of content security will look at the current state of the market and examine the emerging trends that content owners and operators need to consider.

The panel will also look at the legal and technological avenues that can protect IP and examine the role that the wider industry can play in making content available for monetization. With global IP traffic in 2018 expected to pass a zettabyte per month with IP-based video marking up at least 70% of this total, the discussion is essential, because content piracy is still a major problem with a detrimental impact on artists, studios, and ultimately, consumers through offset costs.

Mathew Gilliat-Smith will also present a panel titled “Your Risk, Your Reputation – Security is our Biggest Threat” where the presenter explains that “the time for optional security is over and a pro-active approach is urgently needed. Making security a budgeted line item on each production will make all those involved stay protected. Get it wrong and you risk your reputation, your profits and your team.”

Fortium will also give a Destination NXT Spotlight Talk on cyber security and content protection on Tuesday, April 10. Fortium will be demonstrating MediaSeal and Patronus at its NAB booth, SU10603, and at the Aspera booth, SL5910.


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