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NAB 2018 – An interview with the post-production team behind The Florida Project

AE Mike Hugo and post supervisor Bernie Laramie talk post, Premiere and 35mm film

When I saw a list of Premiere Pro related people that Adobe was brining to NAB 2018 my first request was for the team behind Mindhunter. While I love the show it was my second scan over the list a few days later that I was even more excited when I saw that team-members from the Oscar nominated film The Florida Project were going to be available for interview. I had just seen the movie about a week before and loved its free flowing indie style, the pace of the film (though my wife did ask at one point if anything was going to happen) and that unexpected ending. Ohh that ending. A movie hasn’t made me smile that wide and that long in quite while.

When watching the behind the scenes piece I was quite surprised to see The Florida Project was shot mostly on Panavision 35mm film (this is discussed in the interview). Well, most of it was shot on 35. You’ll know when it wasn’t! That made me curious of the workflow so I had to have a chat with the team.

I sat down inside a very noisy Adobe booth to chat with post-production supervisor Bernie Laramie and assistant editor Mike Hugo.

I had bumped into Mike the night before our interview at a party where we talked shop and swapped stories for a long time about the things editors talk shop about.

Director Sean Baker hard at work (with friends) editing The Florida Project.

Every year I hear talk about how trade shows are dying and NAB might not be long for this world. But I have to say that NAB 2018 was the best NAB I’ve had thus far and it wasn’t because of the products I saw (they were mostly … meh) but rather the events I attended, the people I met and I and the conversations I had. That’s the real NAB/convention/trade show.

Assistant Editor Mike Hugo’s main workspace for The Florida Project. It’s hot all Hollywood glamour in indie filmmaking.

Thanks again to Mike and Bernie for answering questions and sharing their experiences about working on The Florida Project and beyond.

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