Cyrus X2, a new generation gimbal for DSLRs

Wewow showcased at NAB 2017 its new generation of DSLR gimbal, the Cyrus X2, along with the small gimbal Fancy, and other camera stabilizer products from the company.

Cyrus X2, a new generation gimbal for DSLRs

The Cyrus X2, a DSLR stabilizer configurable in multiple ways is designed with removable mobile phone clamps, for those users using the phone to control the camera.

The weird design of the Cyrus X2 hides multiple options in terms of configuration. According to the information provided by Wewow, the gimbal can bear up to 6kg, and is compatible with most of cameras in the market, whether they are DSLRs as Canon EOS 5D Mark IV or even the EOS-1D X or mirrorless cameras as the Sony A7RII.

The Cyrus X2 , “the smallest and lightest gimbal in the market”, can also, claims Wewow, be used in different positions, from the normal holding position to an inverted position or even single-handed position modes. The gimbal can also be paired with anything from tripods, slings and Steadicam to drones, and, adds Wewow, “supports car mounted position and levered suspension by adopting latest AI Intelligent Algorithm and new generation of Wewow control system and coordinating with 32 bits MCU.”

A 90°rotation control handle helps to seamlessly change the camera shooting position from high to low. For filmmakers using their camera with a smartphone, through an app, the Cyrus X2 offers ways to attach the smartphone to the gimbal, with removable clamps. It’s an interesting solution if you use the smartphone to view images or to control the camera.

Wewow also showed at NAB 2017 their Fancy gimbal, introduced at CES 2017, supported by a crowdfunding campaign which reached its objectives 10 hours after being launched. With a weight of 180g, a clip mount adaptable to any size smartphone, even with the case, and a 2600mAh battery that charges in 2 hours, the Fancy gives you steady shots for 8 hours… and can be used as powerbank to charge your phone, if needed. It’s an interesting dual function that makes the Fancy ideal to carry around all the time, if you need an extra charge.

The upgraded version of the Fancy has a better clamping system to strongly lock the smartphone. The silica gel material sticky on inner side of clamps help to avoid phone drops. Meanwhile, new added accessory – 15cm selfie-sticker is now the standard equipment. Overall, Fancy keeps its original features, small, light and fashion.

Besides the Cyrus X2 and Fancy, Wewow also had on display at NAB 2017 their Atom Series stabilizers: Atom A1, Atom A1 Pro, Atom VR which are applying for smartphone, mirrorless camera or VR camera. The classical products Sport X1 and P3/G3 are showed up as well.

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