Fancy: the smallest 1-axis gimbal

The Fancy camera stabilizer for smartphones is presented as the smallest, lightest and stylish 1-axis gimbal that also doubles as a powerbank for your smartphone.

Fancy: the smallest 1-axis gimbal

With the development cycle going back to 2015, the Fancy gimbal from Wewow Gimbal promises to put an end to shaky videos, for $128, when it arrives, in April.

Introduced at CES 2017, the new gimbal got its own crowdfunding campaign in February. The campaign at Indiegogo, under the title “Fancy – World’s Smallest Stabilizer for Smartphone” reached its objectives within 10 hours of being launched. The company Wewow Gimbal had a flexible goal of $5,000 which was easily achieved and surpassed. With 14 days left now, the total now goes over $9,000, suggesting the market has space for a new gimbal.

Do we need another gimbal? I am not sure, but I’ve no doubt that the Fancy catches the eye, and seems, with its multiple colours – rose gold, sky gray, jade green, moonlight silver and black ink -, something that will appeal to a variety of users. Not just that, though, as the size – 113×43.5x23mm – makes it really portable and small enough to travel inside a pocket… or a small purse. Yes, size does matter!

Fancy: the smallest 1-axis gimbalWith a weight of 180g, a clip mount adaptable to any size smartphone, even with the case, and a 2600mAh battery that charges in 2 hours, the Fancy gives you steady shots for 8 hours… and can be used as powerbank to charge your phone, if needed. It’s an interesting dual function that makes the Fancy ideal to carry around all the time, if you need an extra charge.

A device this small does not compete with gimbals of bigger dimensions. The Fancy is a simple gimbal, offering only 1-axis instead of 2-axis or 3-axis gimbals. It’s conceived to meet your day to day needs when it comes to video with a smartphone. It can be used with a selfie stick or a tripod, through a standard socket at the bottom, and offers a LED light that will illuminate your subject at close distance, with a warm light, for better results. And for those into selfies, the Fancy also offers a mirror!

The Fancy is not the first product from the Weowow Gimbal. The first products from the company were developed in 2012 and since then its gimbals, which have been presented at international fairs from CES to PhotoPlus, cover the most part of filming devices in the market nowadays, from smartphones, to action camera and DSLRs. From 1 axis to multi-axis, the company offers a range of different choices for a variety of consumer and professionals.

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