Canon Releases New Firmware for C500 Mark II

A few updates for those early adopters of the camera.

No camera is perfect. It may take time in operators’ hands to discover hidden problems or missed details. In the case of the Canon C500 Mark II, Canon has just released a new firmware update for the 5.9K full-frame camera to address a few bugs. Nothing major, but still small bugs may cause someone a significant headache.Canon

C500 Mark II Firmware Version fixes:

  • Remote A terminal and Remote B terminal can be used simultaneously.
  • Sensor mode information can be displayed.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which, under specific conditions, high-brightness areas may appear tinted.
  • Fixes a phenomenon where the [C. Temp. Increment] setting cannot be changed.
  • Fixes a phenomenon where the SSID (stealth) setting cannot be made in a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Fixes the metadata to be recognized color profile correctly in some editing software.

Canon C500 Mark IIIMPORTANT: Precautions for updating the firmware

If the firmware update is not performed correctly, the camera may stop working.
Please be sure to carefully read the important points, and perform operations in accordance with the following operating procedure.

  • All camera settings will be reset when you perform the firmware update.
  • It is not possible to revert the firmware back to a previous version after you have performed the firmware update.
  • Please be absolutely sure NOT to operate the camera buttons or remove the camera’s power source during the firmware update. Doing so may cause the camera to malfunction.

You can find the firmware update on the Canon website.

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