How to Build a Live Production and Streaming Studio

For more than 10 years, one of the world’s leading resellers of video editing and production solutions, has been publishing DIY articles as a service to their customers. These guides have been recommended by video editing, post production, gaming and general computer blogs, web sites, and user forums all over the world—including. The Videoguys DIY guides help customers make informed decisions when choosing the equipment they need at a reasonable budget and are different because the Videoguys use these systems themselves.

Videoguys How to Build a Live Production and Streaming Studio Corporate marketing, tutorials, webinars and web conferencing are all reasons why more and more people are streaming live. The accessibility of YouTube Live!, Ustream, Livestream, Zoom, and others make it easier than ever to instantly deliver your message to small or large audiences around the world and the most common question asked is “What equipment do we need to get started?” The answer to this question comes in three parts:

  1. What do you need to build a studio?
  2. How can you produce an entertaining video?
  3. How can you deliver that video live to your audience?

Building a Studio

Building a studio to create high-quality videos for live streaming is not very different than any other video or photo studio. You need some good cameras, the proper lighting, and a production switcher to put everything together. The component here that requires more consideration than usual is the production switcher. There are a lot of options on the market today that incorporate live streaming into the switcher to address content delivery. These options may include a standalone production switcher with a live streaming output like those from Roland, a multi-channel capture PC capture solution with a software-based production environment like Telestream Wirecast or a turnkey system that includes the hardware and software in a pre-configured box like the NewTek TriCaster systems.

When we built our DIY Live Production and Streaming Studio, we planned on configuring each of the solutions but started with the NewTek TriCaster Mini HD-4i live production turnkey system. The TriCaster has long been the industry standard for live video production and streaming, and the Mini systems offer a tremendous value for the price…[continue reading on]

Go to the full DIY guide for the shopping list of core products to get your live production and streaming studio up and running.



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