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Blackmagic Announces Fairlight Addition: NAB 2017

Professional audio mixing in DaVinci Resolve 14

Blackmagic is stating since they included Fairlight in DaVinci Resolve 14 that audio is no longer an afterthought in post production.  Now, professional audio post production is fully integrated into DaVinci Resolve 14 giving sound editors, colorists, and video editors everything they need to seamlessly collaborate and create.

Powerful Mixing

Each track corresponds to a channel strip on the mixer. You get real time 6 band parametric EQ, along with expander/gate, compressor and limiter dynamics on every single track. In addition, clip time warping lets you stretch or compress audio without shifting pitch. It works at the subframe level for absolutely perfect synchronization! The powerful busing structure has several main, sub, and aux buses so you can prepare multiple deliverable formats all at the same time!

Full Automation

Comprehensive clip-aware automation includes touch, trim, slow-mo, preview and fill modes. In addition to automating traditional parameters such as pan, level, and EQ, Fairlight audio lets you record changes in every single parameter during live playback! You can even automate changes in VST plugin parameters over time!

Sound Recording

When it comes to recording, DaVinci Resolve’s Fairlight audio lets you produce multi-layered recordings quickly and easily. Real time punch in lets you record at any moment during live playback and you get a complete set of sophisticated ADR tools for replacing dialog.

3D Audio Soundspace

Fairlight audio features built in 3D audio support for working with spatial formats such as 5.1, 7.1, DTS multi-dimensional array, Dolby and even 22.2. You get a 3D panner to position sound in space, 3D B-chain processing and 3D Spaceview™ visualization which provides a clear view of each object’s location in space. AirPan, which is exclusive to Fairlight consoles, allows you to reach out in space to place sounds where you want. Simply move your fingers in the air to pan, rotate, move and spread sound.

Advanced Monitoring

The advanced Fairlight monitoring system handles buses up to 24 channels wide. Sources can be selected from internal buses or external inputs and sent out to 16 different sets of speakers! You also get customizable fold-up and fold-down when crossing between formats. For example, if you’re monitoring 5.1 on a pair of stereo speakers, it automatically folds down for output to 2 channels. For cinematic setups, you can add an optional B-Chain processor for installations with up to 64 speakers.


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