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Yet another emphatic SMH at the state of Avid. No wonder that not ONE of the literally hundreds of editors and respective post houses I deal with every year has a single seat of Avid anymore nor has anyone ever said they are considering it. I jumped ship a good 10 years ago myself. With Avid consistently and *massively* lagging behind everyone else in the space on so many levels, who’s surprised? Subscription and DONGLES??! You can’t be serious. On a technical/performance level: FAIL. On a price level: FAIL. Still not M1 native: FAIL and I think it’s safe to say that, as usual, it won’t even be happening within the year. And now with others coming out with some serious competition in terms of collaborative workflows, I have no clue what will keep them alive for much longer, seeing that their overpriced hardware is the only thing they have been making any money on for what? Ten years+??

Sure, there will be a sub-2% (if even) of editors in niche markets left using Avid for a while to come. Dinosaur editors on dinosaur software that haven’t even updated anything since v7… if they’re even THAT high up.

Their elitist, arrogant stance as a company will be their downfall, thinking their antiquated software somehow justifies the ridiculous business model or is the least bit competitive. Delusional. The big A’s and a B are eating their breakfast lunch AND dinner. Sad, being the pioneer and all, but painfully true. RIP.


Can I ask what city / country you are based in? In the UK, where we’re producing a vast amount of global TV & Film content Avid still overwhelmingly dominates the market. & that’s an understatement! Sure in advertising and music videos, corporate etc – prem pro has taken serious hold… but for high profile, big budget, reliably workflowed, technically supported, & widely collaborative work… Avid is still undisputed king of the NLE’s. (also for anyone reading this, who is interested in price – our Prem Pro subscription and Avid subscription BOTH come in at pretty much £200 per annum each) So not wishing to start a huge debate, but Im always a bit confused when I hear people say ”nobody uses Avid anymore” !?

Last edited 2 years ago by mark

“PLENTY”, eh? Do define PLENTY then. Because I work all over Europe and can only say Anthony nailed it. I mean please… just look at the comment below… 1″ and all. BINGO! It’s ridiculous. The epitome of the Avid editor of TODAY, yes.

The sub 2% is pretty spot on—if not on the HIGH end—too. No one is saying there are NO Avid editors out there, they’re simply “dinosaur editors on dinosaur software” just as he said. And yeah, they’re in niche markets such as Hollywood, the most inflexible, backwards, and technically inept section of the market. So who cares? Advertising, music videos and corporate? Yeah. Next to documentary, non-scripted, more and more scripted, news, Youtube (yeah, that medium where people make 100x what you’re making with professional editing) etc. etc. etc. are just as much the domain of Premiere and Final Cut Pro for good and obvious reasons and even Resolve has trumped Avid for years now.

Try facing the facts. Simply check something like Google Trends for example. Of all the current NLEs Avid has just barely made a BLIP over the last 10 years. No one cares anymore. Once the 80’s and 90’s generation of editors finally die out so will Avid. Plain and simple. If you believe otherwise, you need to seriously get out more and stop making lazy excuses for not getting with the 21st century already.

But hey, go on renting your own intellectual property on a monthly basis and call it “pro” all you want. We’ll be over here doing the actual relevant work of today and not lamenting about the good ol’ 1″ days merely because we’re incapable and ignorant of anything else…

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Yeah, it’s not the tool that makes the editor. Funny thing tho’ is that none would have guessed that Avid would be the best positioned to work during the pandemic. They have solutions for most of the scenarios and sending a bin is still the most reliable way (and easier) to work remotely in collaboration with other people. I tried most of the NLE but none beats them.


Hehe, a clickbait-y reply like this does beg a response. 😉
I administer and support 100+ editors here in Hollywood… and it’s ALLLLL Avid.
It’s absolutely possible that Premiere installations outnumber Avid 20:1. As said, who cares? I’m very happy there are several tools out there to choose from, and foster competition. It only matters to the extent we wonder how long Avid will be around for (Media Composer, I’m less worried about Interplay & MediaCentral, where they make the real money). And their ability to provide support & development.

But all the ranting about “dinosaurs”, “lazy excuses”, “who cares?”… that’s just dumb sh!tposting.

Half of it is unclear and doesn’t make sense anyway: “So who cares? Advertising, music videos and corporate? Yeah. Next to documentary, non-scripted, more and more scripted, news, Youtube (yeah, that medium where people make 100x what you’re making with professional editing) etc. etc. etc. are just as much the domain of Premiere and Final Cut Pro”
What do you mean by “next to”? And do you mean Youtubers make 100x more than professional editors? I’m so confused.

I onlined on Avid for years, and edited 3 feature films on Premiere. Both systems have their pros and cons. For 1-person productions, and projects with <2,000 assets, Premiere is pretty awesome. For productions with 15 editors and 10k+ assets? Sadly, Premiere falls apart. Ask Adobe and they'll (understandably, begrudgingly) admit that.

One rant: I am very disappointed at how excruciatingly slow Avid has been with Apple Silicon support. Taking about 2 years longer than all the competition to develop native support.

Randy Hale

Thanks Scott, a great write up as usual and very timely. As a diehard Avid editor (“Momma don’t take my dongle away”!), system #84 owner, I can edit in my sleep, or at least in those 24 hour sessions. I’ll be the last to jump ship. That’s why I still have a 1” machine.
I never liked the idea of depending on the internet to bless my CPU before editing. I still like the idea of editing in the backwoods of Costa Rica. For you non-dongle users; BEWARE!, the internet will crash. Thanks again.


I am a pro Hollywood editor who uses Avid everyday and I gotta say it. Outside of work, Avid is hot garbage. It just is. It is years behind Adobe and probably Davinci too in features, UI and program speed. I have an M1 MacBook Pro. Literally every other program flies on the Apple silicone, except for Avid. I can’t edit a 4k, 23.98fps, 5 minute, 2 video track project with minimum effects and no color grading without transcoding all the media. It crashes everytime when I try to link to the files. Every f%$king time. Even after a new update, same thing. Meanwhile, same little family project in Premiere I finished in 20 minutes. Exported it, everything. A flawless operation as it should be with the speed of my computer. Avid lags behind again. If I didn’t make all my money using Avid for work, I’d never use this sh%t program.

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