Avid Media Composer updated, cloud licensing, M1 support 3
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Yet another emphatic SMH at the state of Avid. No wonder that not ONE of the literally hundreds of editors and respective post houses I deal with every year has a single seat of Avid anymore nor has anyone ever said they are considering it. I jumped ship a good 10 years ago myself. With Avid consistently and *massively* lagging behind everyone else in the space on so many levels, who’s surprised? Subscription and DONGLES??! You can’t be serious. On a technical/performance level: FAIL. On a price level: FAIL. Still not M1 native: FAIL and I think it’s safe to say that, as usual, it won’t even be happening within the year. And now with others coming out with some serious competition in terms of collaborative workflows, I have no clue what will keep them alive for much longer, seeing that their overpriced hardware is the only thing they have been making any money on for what? Ten years+??

Sure, there will be a sub-2% (if even) of editors in niche markets left using Avid for a while to come. Dinosaur editors on dinosaur software that haven’t even updated anything since v7… if they’re even THAT high up.

Their elitist, arrogant stance as a company will be their downfall, thinking their antiquated software somehow justifies the ridiculous business model or is the least bit competitive. Delusional. The big A’s and a B are eating their breakfast lunch AND dinner. Sad, being the pioneer and all, but painfully true. RIP.

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