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For the next 2 weeks, this LinkedIn Learning course is free

Adobe today introduced the 2019 version of Creative Cloud, which includes a number of updates to After Effects. And for the next two weeks, you can access a 30 minute rundown of what’s new in After Effects. To start watching go to these links at LinkedIn Learning or at

Here are the highlights:

  • Effects>3D Channel just became a whole lot more useful now that you can apply depth effects directly to 3D created in After Effects
  • Advanced Puppet Pins have been further upgraded to allow more precise articulation of character animation, along with a clearer workflow
  • MochaAE has received a major upgrade to version 6, and now runs as an effect, making it much better integrated with After Effects
  • There is a new, more modern JavaScript engine for expressions
  • Responsive Design – Time is a features set brought over from Premiere Pro that lets you more easily create reusable comps that can be stretched or compacted in time while preserving the precise tempo of specific sections
  • The Effect Controls panel is now easier to organize, and there is more you can do with text templates for Premiere Pro, including importing a spreadsheet with multiple entries for lower thirds or other graphics and iterate it using expressions

There are also a bunch more workflow and UI changes condensed into a single lesson. A separate lesson covers feature and performance upgrades.

Rather than rely on marketing videos, you can watch these for a more critical approach to what matters. So if you’re curious what’s new in the latest version of After Effects, just follow the links.

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