Alpha, the smallest 4K camera

Does the market need a new “world’s smallest 4K camera”? Apparently yes, as the second generation Mokacam is about to end it’s Indiegogo campaign funded at almost 300%.

Alpha, the smallest 4K camera

Alpha is the new generation of Mokacam, the smallest 4K camera, and the only wearable camera with rotating screen and magnetic snap-on battery.

The team behind the new camera says it is better, smaller, and is not afraid to compare it, extensively, with the GoPro Hero 5 which is, some say, the benchmark for these action cameras. It may or may not be true, the interesting aspect here is that these cameras continue to attract attention, even if we’re being told the market is saturated with models and brands.

This specific model was on show at CES 2017, and is now on the last stretch of its Indiegogo campaign with over $70,000 raised by more than 360 backers, for an initial goal of $25,000. This suggests the product is viable and will go ahead, something one can not say, unfortunately, of many crowdfunding projects.

The team behind the Alpha is responsible for a previous campaign for the original Mokacam, and also for the Moka360, the smallest 360 degree camera in the world, recently funded on Indiegogo. It’s with that background that they took to build a second generation 4K camera. Which, in fact, comes in two flavours: the Alpha and the Alpha-S. The top of the line is represented by the Alpha-S, which has an Ambrella image processor and a 1.55μm Sony image sensor, providing 4K at 30FPS or 1080P at 120FPS.

Alpha, the smallest 4K camera

The camera may be smaller than the original and even smaller than a GoPro, but that’s only when you use the base module, which you can. But the camera offers its best features when associated with a rotating screen and magnetic snap-on battery.  With the built-in battery of Mokacam, with 800mAh, Screen Module (1100mAh) and Magnetic Back-up Battery (1100mAh), you can expect 4 hours continuous 1080P at 30FPS video recording.

The external monitor, which connects through a USB-C port, also offers another feature: access to a shutter wheel. In Manual mode, you can turn the shutter wheel to set the shutter speed freely from 1/2000″ up to 32″. In other words, you can use Mokacam shooting long exposure night pics or even the stars, says the team responsible for the project. It the promotional video represents what can be achieved with the camera, the Mokacam Alpha-S is a nice little package when it comes to wearable cameras.

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