AJA ships new KONA cards and Thunderbolt 3 Io IP

The new KONA HDMI and KONA 1 now available expand the desktop I/O family with more solutions for different projects. AJA also released the Io IP Thunderbolt 3 and updated Desktop Software v14.2.


AJA ships new KONA cards and Thunderbolt 3 Io IP

Perfect for live streaming and switching with up to 4-channels of 1080p HDMI video capture, the KONA HDMI was recently released by AJA Video Systems, along with the robust single-channel KONA 1.

AJA Video Systems has been busy this month, and the company recently released the KONA HDMI multi-channel HD/single-channel UltraHD HDMI capture card, the KONA 1 3G-SDI capture/playback card and the Io IP Thunderbolt 3 equipped video and audio I/O device. Simultaneously, AJA delivered Desktop Software v14.2, which introduces support for KONA HDMI and KONA 1; 10GigE support for 2K/HD video and audio over IP with Io IP; a “Deep Buffer” capture setting in AJA Control Panel; and new KONA, Io and T-TAP improvements.

AJA ships new KONA cards and Thunderbolt 3 Io IP

The new KONA HDMI is a flexible HDMI video capture card that supports live streaming, broadcast, production, post, vlogging, video game capture/streaming, VR, projection mapping, HDR capture/pass-through and more. It enables four simultaneous channels of 2K/HD capture with streaming and switching applications including Telestream Wirecast and vMix, or one channel of 4K/UltraHD up to 60p over HDMI 2.0 using AJA Control Room software for file compatibility with most NLE and effects packages, and other third-party applications. Featuring AJA SDK and Video for Linux support, KONA HDMI can also be used by developers to build multi-channel HDMI ingest, switching, monitoring and communication solutions.

AJA ships new KONA cards and Thunderbolt 3 Io IP

The second product released by AJA this month is the, KONA 1 a new addition to the KONA family of cards. This new card simplifies capture/playback over 3G-SDI in broadcast, post and ProAV. The robust single-channel 3G-SDI 2K/HD 60p I/O PCIe card features standard application plug-ins and supports capture, monitoring and/or playback with industry-standard applications from AJA, Adobe, Apple, Avid, Telestream and more, in addition to the AJA SDK for developers. KONA 1 supports simultaneous monitoring during capture (pass-through), RS422 control, dedicated Ref/LTC and a host of other features.

Announced at Inter BEE 2017, in Japan, in November 2017, the Thunderbolt 3-equipped Io IP provides reliable ingest/output from/to IP networks for 2K/HD/SD video/audio workflows. Local monitoring is supported by 3G-SDI, HDMI 2.0 (including HDR) and analog audio. Compatible with macOS and Windows, Io IP works with production, post, mastering and streaming tools from Apple, Adobe, Avid, Autodesk, Telestream and others. Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports enable daisy chaining, and two SFP+ cages allow video and audio routing over 10 GigE IP networks. The rugged device supports SMPTE 2022-6 uncompressed video, audio and VANC data over IP, as well as SMPTE 2022-7 for redundancy protection.

AJA ships new KONA cards and Thunderbolt 3 Io IP

With the new products AJA video Systems released Desktop Software v14.2, which includes support for KONA HDMI and KONA 1, 10GigE support for 2K/HD video and audio over IP (uncompressed SMPTE 2022-6/7) with the new Thunderbolt 3-equipped Io IP, and “Deep Buffer” setting in AJA Control Panel for improved handling of storage interruptions during ingest and other enhancements for KONA, Io and T-TAP products. Io 4K Plus, DNxIV and Io IP users benefit from a new feature allowing all eight analog audio channels to be configured for either input, output for full 7.1 ingest/monitoring, or a 4-In/4-Out mode or I/O for stereo plus VO and discrete tracks.

KONA HDMI  has a suggested retail price of $895, with the KONA 1 costing $595 and the Io IP $2,495. According to AJA Video Systems, the products are available through AJA’s worldwide reseller network. Desktop Software v14.2 can now be downloaded for free from AJA’s support page.

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