AJA ships KUMO 3232-12G compact router for emerging 8K workflows

Whether you’re building a mobile truck, edit suites or an AV flypack, KUMO routers, as the KUMO 3232-12G, offer and incredible price/performance ratio and the the highest quality standards, says AJA.

AJA ships KUMO 3232-12G compact 32x32 12G-SDI router

Designed for use in broadcast, production and ProAV environments, the KUMO 3232-12G is AJA’s compact router solution for flexible and cost-efficient 12G-SDI routing. The KUMO is now shipping.

With the KUMO, says AJA, professionals can “get the the routing capabilities you need at a price that fits well within your budget. The company says that KUMO routers are so affordable they can even be used in place of traditional DAs to distribute signals to multiple locations. KUMO routers provide an incredible price/performance ratio while still maintaining the highest quality standards.

Designed for critical broadcast, production and post environments, KUMO routers are built to AJA standards that exceed SMPTE specifications. The use of premium components coupled with dual redundant power supplies ensures the highest signal quality and maximum uptime even in the unexpected event of a power supply failure.

For emerging 8K workflows

The KUMO 3232-12G supports large format resolutions, high frame rates and deep color formats, while reducing cable runs when transporting 4K/UltraHD over SDI. KUMO 3232-12G offers network-based and/or physical control and mirrors the form of AJA’s production-proven KUMO 3232 routers, with the additional benefit of a new USB port for configuring IP addresses via AJA’s eMini-Setup software. For emerging 8K workflows, KUMO 3232-12G is also equipped for multi-port gang-routing.

Key feature highlights include:

  • 12G-SDI inputs and outputs for up to 4K/UltraHD support at 60p
  • Small, portable 2RU form factor
  • Single cable support for streamlined 4K/UltraHD signal routing
  • Redundant power supply option
  • Configure and save up to eight salvos per router
  • Auto re-clocking SDI rates: 270 Mbps /1.483/1.485/2.967/2.970/5.934/5.940/11.868/11.880 Gbps
  • Support for AJA KUMO Control Panels (hardware, with direct connect or networked)
  • USB port to easily configure the router IP address and simplify initial network configurations
  • Embedded web server for remote control on any standard web browser
  • 5-year warranty and support

The KUMO 3232-12G is now available for $3995. For more information, visit AJA’s website.

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