Aeon – The Newest GoPro Gimbal Just Announced

Pier Sunshine in Santa Monica from Aetho LLC on Vimeo.

front perspective 173x250Let’s be honest, don’t we all want an inexpensive GoPro gimbal in our kit bags? Or maybe it’s just me. To be an enjoyable piece of gear it has to be something that does not need a huge pelican case. For something easy and fun, it needs to be small, easy to use, and an enjoyable experience. A few months ago I met up with Ian Nott from Aetho and he let me test out a prototype of the Aeon gimbal. Even in its  rough pre-manufactured state the equipment was strong and the user-experience was great. 

Why the Aeon? The gimbal is comfortable to use with a great user experience. The round shape fits in your hand well and is much easier to operate over a straight hand grip. Another benefit with the the Aeon is there is a dedicated round screen built into the top of the handle. With the round you will not be able to see the entire frame, but the round shape is enough to make sure your subject stays within the frame. Power, this baby charges your GoPro as you shoot. There is also an “action camera mount” meaning you can attach the gimbal to a selfie stick if you were so inclined. This leaves opens the options of using the stick and the gimbal as a sort of handheld jib. Lastly, the Aeon has a built-in joy stick. The joy stick does just about everything you would expect a joy stick to do: pan and tilt. The fact a joy stick is on a gimbal this small is pretty cool. 


Yes, this is an Indiegogo campaign, and yes, I know how some of these go. This one is different. I met up with Ian from Aetho and he talked about locking down the mechanical and engineering details, and building the right team before launching a crowd funding campaign. Instead of a “hey give us $ because we think we can do this,” Aetho is launching their crowd funding campaign to actually put these gimbals in people hands. For example, their expected delivery date is the first quarter of 2016. Here’s the surprising part. I was told the Aeon gimbal will be priced around $300. 


To find the Indiegogo campaign – Aetho Indiegogo

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Aetho Website – Aetho.co

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