A brand new Adobe After Effects plugin for highly efficient automated camera tracking and digital inserts

fayteq to Exhibit at IBC 2015

With IBC 2015 just around the corner, we’re gearing up to showcase technologies and developments that are set to take center stage at the show. One of those developments is from a company called fayteq, and they’re focused on creating technologies that enable fast digital camera tracking, automation of digital inserts and digital object removal.

fayteq is launching an innovative plug-in for Adobe After Effects, and we’ll be able to get into further details during the show. Until then, find out more about the plug-in and their products via the press release below.

  fayteq fayIN 01

fayteq AG starts into a new company era in September 2015, with its all new website at and the launch of fayIN. The Adobe® After Effects® plugin for highly efficient automated camera tracking and digital inserts will premiere at the international broadcasting convention (IBC) 2015, hall 14, booth M24, from September 11th to 15th.

With fayIN, fayteq AG launches its first plugin for Adobe® After Effects®. The tool benefits from fayteq’s unique technology expertise and optimizes the postproduction workflow in the field of digital inserts. Thanks to fayteq’s innovative algorithms for automated camera tracking, editors can insert digital content into their footage skipping the time consuming processes of manually defining tracking masks keyframe by keyframe.
Being a fully integrated plugin within the Adobe® After Effects® software environment, there is no need for exporting and importing footage back and forth between one editing software and another. Automatic environment illumination and shadow transfer as well as automatic lens distortion correction list among the key features of the plugin. With fayIN, editors save time by placing multiple inserts based one single camera track and applying various trackers on one piece of footage simultaneously. fayIN tracks with the utmost precision, even if the masked area or object leaves camera sight.

All new company website

In September 2015, fayteq AG not only launches its first plugin for Adobe® After Effects®, but also presents itself in a new garment at Visitors will find in- depth information on the company and its products, as well as a support section with tutorials for mastering every single feature of the respective software. The company’s web shop at delivers all licensed products first hand to the customers.

Growing product portfolio

The web shop premieres its service with fayIN. Further solutions will add to the portfolio successively. One of the products in line is fayOUT, fayteq’s cutting-edge After Effects® plugin for automated digital object removal.

Fayteq at IBC 2015, hall 14, booth M24

Fayteq will be present at the international broadcasting convention (IBC) 2015 in Amsterdam from September 11th to 15th. Everyone interested is welcome at hall 14, booth M24.


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