Zeiss Supreme Prime Radiance Lenses Announced

Controlling your flare

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance (SPR) lenses are a new set of 7 lenses that artistically emphasize ghosting (flares) and are consistent across the entire set. They are based on Supreme Primes with a warmer color tone.

RadianceThey are not simply the same lenses with the coatings removed. There is no loss of light and no uncontrolled “white-out.” Instead, Radiance lenses have newly formulated T* Blue coatings. While there are 13 focal lengths in a set of Supremes, a Radiance set consists of 7, from 21mm to 100mm, all T1.5. There will be limited production runs


“The light sources became a very important point of the story. And the lenses allowed me to utilize the characteristics of them for storytelling. […] I would describe the look of the Supreme Prime Radiance lenses as relatively soft but with sharpness. These lenses don’t have an aggressive sharpness to them, they feel organic.”

 Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC about shooting “R&R” with Supreme Prime Radiance lenses

In this film Zeiss shot a side-by-side look at the flaring behavior of the new ZEISS Supreme Radiance lenses in comparison to regular ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses under different lighting situations. This was shot shot by cinematographer Takuro Ishizaka (JSC) on SONY Venice.

Adding more character to your images

The ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses enable cinematographers to create beautiful and consistent flares but with one key ability – control. This is made possible by our newly developed lens coating T* blue. Under regular lighting, Supreme Prime Radiance render like modern and versatile cinematography lenses. With appropriate lighting however, the lenses start to flare. Cinematographers can decide and plan when they want to create flares rather than relying on unforeseen effects. Overall, Supreme Prime Radiance are a touch warmer than Supreme Primes but still retain all the other features that one might have experienced from using the regular Supreme Prime lenses.

RadianceCinematographer Takura Ishizaka, JSC talks about the making of “Metamorphosis,” a short film inspired by the studies of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) and how ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses helped him and director Aki Mizutani to realize their project.

Cinematic large-format coverage and high speed

The ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses are designed for cinematic large-format sensor coverage, making them the ideal choice for current and future camera systems. At T1.5 the ZEISS Supreme Primes demonstrate their unsurpassed craftsmanship in tricky low-light environments.Radiance

Aesthetic focus fall-off and elegant bokeh

A very smooth transition between in-focus and out of focus areas characterize the unique look of the ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses. This adds richer texture and greater depth to the image.

The ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses possess a look, which ensures freedom in creating the look you want to achieve. Especially when capturing crucial textures such as skin tones, the unique quality of the ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses is a gentle sharpness that renders a crisp but organic look.

If you looking to buy the limited run Zeiss lenses you will have to wait until April 2020.


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