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X-Rite announces partnership with SmallHD

SmallHD production monitors have not only moved to bigger sizes, now they also “talk” to i1Display Pro from X-Rite, for a more accurate color viewing experience.

x-rite and smallhd
Right after NAB Show 2016 X-Rite announced a partnership with SmallHD centered on the first-ever line of daylight-viewable, full-HD display with flexible power production-monitor models 1703-HDR, 2403-HDR and 3203-HDR. The small BIG ones…

The announcement comes after a similar one made at NAB 2016. There X-Rite had announced an agreement with Atomos, to use i1Display Pro for their full line of monitor-recorders including Blade, Shogun-Studio, Inferno and Flame series. X-Rite was at NAB 2016 to show their recently launched ColorChecker Video Targets, effective, timesaving tools for filmmaking production and color workflow, from shooting-to-editing.  The tool now has support from 3D-LUT Creator, Color Finale plug-in for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X from Color Grading Central and DaVinci-Resolve by Blackmagic Design.

The partnership means that SmallHD will bundle and support industry acclaimed X-Rite OEM i1Display Pro to seamlessly manage color calibration for their new production-monitor models 1703-HDR, 2403-HDR and 3203-HDR.

“It’s an exciting time to be a filmmaker, as camera technology evolves more rapidly than ever before. With demand for visual content at an all-time high, so is competition. The modern filmmaker needs confidence in knowing if the shot is in focus and that the color being displayed is accurate. It’s working more efficiently than ever before and having fun in the process. Our production monitors boost the confidence for content creators that find themselves in various indoor/outdoor shooting environments.” states SmallHD CEO, Weston Phillips. “Our partnership supporting X-Rite i1Display Pro for our new line of production displays, including our first-ever line of daylight-viewable HDR production monitors, supports our commitment to give customers a more accurate, professional color viewing experience.”

With a century of color theory science behind the X-Rite brand, the i1Display Pro is the ultimate solution for creative professionals who demand speed and flexibility to attain color accuracy. Accurate color representation on screen is paramount for the video and film industries, the i1Display Pro delivers fast measurement speed and unrivaled color accuracy on all modern display technologies. These benefits are especially important whether capturing or editing footage. i1Display Pro includes video color standards, for a more accurate color workflow.

“We are very excited to have our OEM i1Display Pro bundled across the new line of SmallHD Production-Monitor displays to enhance viewing accuracy. The announcement aligns with SmallHD recently released larger daylight-viewable HDR production monitors,” said X-Rite Vice President of Product Marketing Chris Winczewski. “The partnership with SmallHD demonstrates our focused commitment for the expansion of X-Rite’s photo and video products into the video, filmmaking and broadcast markets.”

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