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Hi and welcome to the new VFX Essentials channel. PVC has been very gracious enough to give me my very own piece of PVC to better organize and present my work to all of you. If you have been trying to find any of my old content on PVC or have been wanting to more easily keep track of any new posts I make, this will be the place to bookmark. Thanks so much to PVC and thank you for viewing my work here on PVC over the years. It’s nice to finally have it all accessible from one place now. With that, I wanted to go ahead and share some of my older posts. Enjoy.


Null Swapper is a free After Effects utility script that helps swap Null layers out for Light layers. Handy tool for artists using 3D camera tracks with Plexus or Trapcode Particular.

Null Swapper


Face Replacement is a two part video tutorial that will walk you through replacing an actor’s face with another face using After Effects and Mocha.

Face Replacement Part 1: Basic

Face Replacement Part 2: Advanced


Realistic Screen Compositing is a video tutorial that reveals a photorealistic method for placing an image on a electronic screen.

Realistic Screen Compositing


Learn the basics of 3D camera tracking using Syntheyes version 2007 software with this video tutorial.

Handheld Camera Script


This Grain Matching video tutorial shows how you can match each color channel’s grain pattern for more believable composites.

Grain Matching

My very first tutorial on how to do basic 3D camera tracking using SynthEyes.

SynthEyes 101

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