Understanding Ecamm Live’s framerates and audio sampling 9
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This was an amazing article, and one that we as producers of film, video, and multimedia applications really needed. I did not know these professional audio/video limitations existed in such a wonderful platform for live streaming. Thank you!

I also wanted to inform you, that your article did not fall on deaf ears! Ecaam made good on one of your requests.

As of 10/19/2021 – v3.9.0: Ecamm Live’s output audio sample rate is now 48kHz. https://support.ecamm.com/en/articles/3280020-ecamm-live-modification-history



Allan, that is strange, it was a gross oversight on their part, considering they got so many other things right! Maybe they were a little embarrassed. Either way we can definitely celebrate! I was about to cancel my subscription until I found out the change was made.

I was shocked when I got the Zoom P4 for podcasting only to find out the same issue. 44.1 Khz audio only. 😩

Thanks again!

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