Review: Invisor media file inspector for macOS 5
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I’ve been using Videospec for so many years that I don’t even try to look for something else 😉

Allan Tépper

Thanks Sam,

Thanks for reading, writing and commenting!

I don’t know for you, but for me, Videospec does not run on macOS Catalina. I deleted it and re-downloaded it and it still won’t run. As you probably know, macOS Catalina is about to be superseded by macOS Big Sur, which means that Videospec is extremely out of date. Even when I used Videospec the last time using Mojave, it seemed not to offer the specific information about CFR or VFR and I do not see that in the screenshot on the website you supplied. This article is specifically focused on identifying CFR or VFR on the current operating systems. Thanks again for your comment.


Yeah, I know that, but I didn’t tell you I used the last OSes I may switch to 🙂

Actually, I’m into audiovisual production and I’m not really interested by OSX new features at all costs (= if I don’t see a real need or improvement in my video projects), especially on my production machines.

So yes, I can understand it’s outdated now, especially because only 1 computer out of 4 is up to date in my home studio… and not the one which is expected to use videospec 😉

For the other ones (ElCap, HighSierra) that “can wait” (must wait actually), I’m really good with 2 super strong nVidia GPUs* and my Fusion-Resolve-Mocha-Motion crew and this is where I use it…

*this is because I cannot switch so far

Consequently yes, I admit didn’t stick to the topic, it was a bit of humour and “self bashing” (can we say that ? in french there’s an idiom for it) since it is not up to date and it was a bit off-topic 🙂

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