Two New Location Audio Recorders

Learning about Zaxcom digital recorders on the…David Letterman Show?!?

I didn’t make it to NAB this year, but since it looks like my PVC colleagues didn’t make it to the convention’s North Hall to see and hear the latest audio equipment, I thought I’d chime in with a two portable recorders designed for video and film production sound. These caught my eye and ear from afar. And check out Zaxcom’s cameo on the Late Show with David Letterman…

Sound Devices 788T digital audio recorder

The Sound Devices 788T digital audio recorder has eight microphone inputs and records up to eight channels of uncompressed audio. An internal 160GB 2.5-inch SATA drive holds up to 30 hours of uncompressed 24-bit Broadcast WAVE files. The 788T can also record to Compact Flash and to external FireWire devices, and draws power from 7.2V Sony L-type (ie-small camcorder) batteries or from external DC. It includes a timecode generator, weighs under four pounds, and costs $5,995. More info here.

Zaxcom Fusion digital mixer/recorder

The Zaxcom Fusion combines a mixer and recorder into a single small box. The recorder can mix 16 inputs to the recorder (four track recording is standard, six and eight are extra-cost options). The Fusion doesn’t have a hard drive, instead it simultaneously records to two separate Compact Flash cards, with one the backup of the other. The Fusion records 24-bit MARF and FAT32. Provides FireWire I/O and a timecode generator, powers off a NP1 battery or external DC, and Weighs five pounds without battery. The Fusion starts at $7,999. More info here.

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